Your First Name of: Waheda - What does it mean?

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Your name, Waheda, creates a responsible, reserved, and dignified nature with an appreciation for the finer and deeper aspects of life such as music, the arts, literature, and philosophy. You enjoy drama. You have a quick, clever, analytical mind with a retentive memory and a concentrative ability to absorb quickly what you read. Your scholarly, studious traits cause you to wonder about the deeper aspects of life and you could be drawn to religious theories and occult beliefs.
Being sensitive, you have the ability to discern the thoughts and intentions of others. What others think of you is important and you are on guard for fear of being criticized or ridiculed. Sometimes you feel hurt and misunderstood when, because of your reserved nature, others do not realize the depth of your feelings and thoughts. They may consider you to be aloof and unemotional since you are not demonstrative, but composed and dignified. When you receive respect and understanding, it is easier for you to express your fondness and affection for others. Your reserved nature makes it difficult for you to feel as free and natural as you would like. Sometimes your lack of confidence causes you to suffer with jealousy thoughts. It is the little things you do for others that declare your devotion, such as sending flowers, making a telephone call, or writing a note. When others get to know you, they find a very kind, sympathetic, and thoughtful nature.
You rarely argue, but treat an injustice with cool indifference that can sometimes wound others worse than words. When hurt or upset, you become somewhat moody and unresponsive, retiring within yourself, and feeling misunderstood. At times, your sensitivity and lack of spontaneous expression causes feelings of repression and loneliness.
You have executive and mathematical ability, and enjoy work that requires planning, concentration, and close attention to detail. Established in a responsible position, you would be content to remain there and work to draw around your home and family the comforts gained through stability and accumulation. You have a retentive memory and a concentrative ability to absorb quickly what you read. In your own quiet, independent, and responsible way, you often sacrifice your own opportunities to help others, especially within the family. You like to act without interference from others.
You love the outdoors and the beauties of nature. A sense of independence and freedom is important to you, as well as times alone to enjoy quietly the unfolding beauties experienced in a natural environment. The wind in the trees, the sound of water lapping against the shore, snow gently drifting down, all the natural wonders of life allow you to experience a sense of harmony and peace.
You are inclined to worry. Health problems relative to the heart and respiratory organs could arise.

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