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Happy Holidays                               

In every culture, there are times for stepping back from the pressures of life to recognize and celebrate important and meaningful concepts.  A part of the traditions in the Western world is gift giving--a way of showing love, recognition, and appreciation to family members, friends, business associates, and those in difficult circumstances. We have heard the statement, "It's not the gift that counts, but the thought."  How true and profound is that statement!  

When many peoples' thoughts are focused on giving and sharing with others, it builds and generates an energy of beauty and unity that dispels friction, misunderstandings, and loneliness.  It represents mental energy that is universal and constructive. If all humanity could live the idea 365 days a year instead of a few short days, we could create a world of peace and unity.  It starts with each one of us in our basic attitudes towards others.   

All of us at the Kabalarian Philosophy office wish you happiness, health, peace, and contentment as we continue along life's journey.  Happy holidays and happy giving.  

Alfred J. Parker  

Relaxation should not be confused with a state of inactivity.  Relaxation is not inactivity, but an applied cosmic law of devolution.

Devolution is a process of preparation for activity.  All forms of seeds, land, trees, all manifestations in nature, have a period of relaxation. It is a method of withdrawing consciously (in the human kingdom) at will from the active states of existence, to relieve tension of the muscles for the purpose of tuning in with the great reservoir of power called negativity.

The demands of modern industrial life are so many and so intense that human beings cannot keep pace with machinery.  The tremendous increase in nervous breakdowns, neuroses, the tendency towards increased irritability, the unsociability of normal and intelligent people, their disagreeableness, the appalling increase of crimes of the most horrible and brutal nature, are all symptoms of overtaxing the organism of humanity.

Relaxation, if practised scientifically and wisely, can save those mental and physical wrecks from total disability.  Think for a moment of the state of relaxation in which the tiger, leopard, cat, serpent, or elephant lives; the source of their strength lies in relaxation.

Tensing is exhausting, weakening, and devitalizing.  All conscious activity comes under this exhausting process.  Relaxation, on the other hand, is invigorating, recharging, and vitalizing, and it re-establishes connection with negative magnetic power to rejuvenate mind and body.

Physical Relaxation
Sit on a chair or any high spot, with both feet flat on the ground, hands on the knees, with head, neck, and spine straight.  The fingers should be well apart.  In this position let yourself go; i.e., relax completely all over, without a single muscle in tension in the entire body.  From five to fifteen minutes of this relaxation will bring unexpected results in the process of recharging the devitalized body.  Remember that this is relaxation and not sleep.  Assume your work with careful deliberation, and increase the speed or intensity that your work requires, by degrees until you are completely tuned in with the work.  Relaxation of this kind two or three times during a day when work is strenuous, noisy, or the surroundings are inharmonious, will keep you from overtaxing your nervous system, and will keep you from being unnecessarily irritable or angry.

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Name Analysis


Fond of home and settled conditions, these people make good mothers and fathers.  They feel the need for the home influence and responsibilities to make them happy. They resist forced changes and overactive or turbulent conditions.  Established in responsible positions, they are content to remain there and work to draw around their homes and families the comforts gained through stability and accumulation.  They would gain strength from the security of home life.  They need the love and respect of family and friends and to know they are needed. They take their responsibilities very seriously.  Sometimes, they will even sacrifice their own opportunities to help others.    

They enjoy working with people as they have discerning minds and give good advice but their desire to help could cause others to regard them as interfering. Diplomatic and kind, their ability to understand the thoughts and intentions of people, often puts others at ease.  They have good business judgment although they are are not really aggressive.  Others can take advantage of them at times because they dislike issues and confrontations.  Many times, they will sidestep problems rather than handle them in a direct manner, or they may procrastinate, hoping the issues will just go away.  These people  tend to agonize over decisions because a lack of confidence spoils initiative.  People often come to them in times of crisis for advice and comforting. Worry is a problem to these people.  They are serious-minded and are not naturally spontaneous and optimistic. 

As they have the ability to speak and to teach, they make excellent heads of institutions such as in charitable institutions, schools, universities, or hospitals.  

Although easy-going, they can be strong-willed because they like to be in charge and do not appreciate excessive interference from others.  They work well with people but require their own independence to some degree.  Yet they must be careful that they are not intolerant of others and that their way is the only way!   

 Stress also could affect the kidneys and fluid functions of the body.

A change of name would help these people to develop a stronger, decisive personality and greater confidence in their abilities.     


How is health related to one's name?

Health is a reflection of the degree of harmony in the name and mind. If the mind expresses emotional discord, some form of sickness usually results sooner or later. The body is a reflection of the mental influences acting upon it.

Many recognize that diet influences overall health. If you eat in an unbalanced fashion, is it not the desires of the mind that motivate the eating habits and create the sickness that ensues? Intense destructive emotion adversely affects the physical health as well.

Each mathematical quality is related to a specific physical system in the body. Therefore, those who study Kabalarian Philosophy can predict health weaknesses based upon the imbalance in the name. For instance, some names create potential weaknesses in the extremities and the sensory organs in the head. Other names may develop sicknesses relative to the the fluid and lymphatic systems. Others can suffer problems linked to the digestive tract, whereas others are more prone to nervous or mental disorders. The qualities of the combined mathematical forces in a person's name and birthdate produce harmony and balance in physical functions, or cause tension and sickness through discord.

The greater the discord in the name, the greater the potential for a health challenge. Although unknown to medical science, the name is an important factor in health, as it creates both the potential weaknesses in the physical body and the unbalanced desires that lead to habits and indulgences which aggravate the weakness. These habits lead to a breakdown in the physical systems affected. 


Plan with Confidence
Kabalarian writings

Another year is just about over.  January 1, 2003 represents a fresh page in the book of life for each of us.  Many understand and follow the cyclic principle, which defines the intelligent pattern of growth called the law of cycles.  Cycles permit the intelligent use of time and the planning in preparation for time yet to come.  Time is both quantity and quality, quantity being the durationary period to which the quality or intelligence of a particular expression is most suited.  

Time is life.  Life is what we make of time.  The potential within time is the potential of Consciousness--the highest attainment possible for humankind.  The natural evolution through the cyclic principle provides the step-by-step plan for the progress and fulfilment of our ideals and goals through constructive effort.  

Within the period of time called life the changing minutes, hours, days, months, and years bring changing conditions, thoughts, opportunities, successes, and failures. These fluctuating circumstances of life are not as haphazard as they appear to be.  There is a definite, intelligent pattern to life, and a basic, logical, consistent reason for everything. That pattern is embodied within mathematics and the Cyclic Law. 

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Upcoming Week-end Seminars
May 10 and 11, 2003 - Vancouver

Life Analysis Training - Vancouver
Cycle Management Training - Vancouver (*Life Analysis Training is a prerequisite.)

Included with the home study course, lesson material, and cassette tapes are weekend seminars usually held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The benefits of the seminars include personal instruction, video presentations, interaction with the instructors and course assistants, and delicious refreshments and lunches both days.

These courses will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on Saturday, May 10th, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and Sunday, May 11th, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. 

The Life Analysis Training seminar teaches the basics of name analysis and gives an overview of the principles of the Kabalarian Philosophy. There may be no magic wand but there are principles you can discover that will actually transform your life. Each person has a birthpath, a potential to fulfil in life. Discover how to express your potential and how your name affects your personality, experiences, and state of health.  Success is possible!

If you have taken Life Analysis Training, you are eligible to enrol in Cycle Management Training.

In the Cycle Management Training seminar, you will learn a practical understanding of the Cyclic Law which is the relationship of time, mathematics, and human mind.  You will explore the qualitative nature of time and how it influences your thinking and feelings, how cycles can be used to accomplish your goals and make you even more effective in your personal, business, and your family life. 

If you are unable to attend the seminar program, enrol in the course by correspondence. You will also be entitled to attend future seminars. Call us at (604) 263-9551 for details.

Seminars in other Cities

Twelve-week courses of Life Analysis Training and Cycle Management Training will commence in Calgary, Alberta on February 2nd and February 11th, 2003 respectively.  Contact Mrs. Ariole Hailley at 1-403-246-0926 for enrolment details.

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Quote of the Month

From the time of Kepler to that of Newton, and from Newton to Hartley, not only all things in external nature, but the subtlest mysteries of life and organization, and even of the intellect and moral being, were conjured within the magic circle of mathematical formulae.

                                                                        Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

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