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Public Discussion, Making a Name Change (Forum Locked Forum Locked)
 Kabalarian Philosophy : Public Discussion, Making a Name Change
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Affez Tlemsanix
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Posted: January-12-2007 at 1:17pm | IP Logged Quote Affez Tlemsanix

How Each Number Expresses Universal Love
© Kabalarian writings  (excerpted from Newsletter Back Issues)

In this newsletter, we are offering thoughts on how to understand the different qualities, whether they be found in the name or the birthpath, in how they express their highest potential of universal love, and how to bring out the best from that quality.

In the human species, Reason becomes seeded with the first breath of life on a specific date.  The birthpath, calculated from the day, month, and year of birth, reveals the path in life for each person to walk and the lessons to be learned.  The potential indicated by the birthpath consists of qualities to be developed through one's thinking and the resultant actions.

To calculate a birthpath, add the month, the day, and year and reduce the number to a single digit.

January 1, 1971
(1) +(1) +( 1 + 9 + 7 + 1) = 11
1 + 1 = 2

A person born January 1, 1971 is a 2 birthpath. Calculate your own birthpath using the method above. The birthpath measured from the date of birth is the spiritual potential to be fulfilled by the development of the mind to a constructive plane of Spiritual Consciousness.

1 birthpath
The 1 represents the quality of an awakening intellectual power seeking to understand the fundamental natural laws of life.  The 1's are leaders and explorers and they are naturally inventive along practical lines.  They learn through their own experiences.  In work they must hold positions in which they can give orders instead of take them, and in which their independence is not curtailed.  They are self-reliant and strong-willed—the qualities of a leader.

The 1 represents the starting power, the individual quality of individuality as well as the power of leadership.  Consequently, when striving to develop mental ability to serve with a 1 in the birthpath or name, the individual should consider that service is to give leadership.  Leadership is not necessarily being out in front taking the brunt of the opposition, but merely having the initiative to go ahead on one's own if necessary, not waiting for someone else but having the determination to do what is right regardless of what is going on.

The 1 quality is recognized for its strength, individuality, leadership ability, and positive approach.  At the same time, its weakness lies in its tendency to be self-centered, positive to the point of dominance, blunt, and selfish without consideration for others.  The 1 must learn to give consideration to others rather than just to self.

How can we help the 1 find happiness?  First of all by recognizing the inner needs of that 1 quality for independence, individuality, and self-expression.  You can never crowd 1s.  You cannot push the 1 quality by being demanding or forceful in any way.  What you have to do is plant a picture in clear, simplified terms, because the 1s see the basic highlights, not the subtleties, not the details, but the simple premise involved.  Deal with 1s in such a way that the plan is there to be seen and they have the freedom to choose and create their own responses, their own decisions.  Give the 1s the opportunity to create something new and original.

Give the 1s the opportunity to do what they can do best: creating something new and original.  Give the 1s the chance to express individuality and creativity and they feel a sense of completeness and fulfilment.  You will find that enthusiasm, power, and initiative are all behind that creativity; whereas if you say, "This has to be done.  Get it done," then it is only with that sense of dedicated loyalty that the 1s do the job.  The 1s go through the motions but we have lost an opportunity to maximize the use of the 1's potential.

The 1s express universal love by being dependable.  They are not easily influenced by the opinions and actions of others.  The 1s are trustworthy and loyal.  They express universal love through their honesty with themselves and others.  When you ask a 1 for advice, expect a candid, straight-to-the-point, truthful answer.  When the 1s live to serve a universal purpose, they represent a strength of positivity and leadership for others to look up to and follow.

2 birthpath
The 2 is the peace maker and diplomat.  Their lesson is to meet and mix with people, to understand their hearts and minds, and to help people in the solution of their problems.  As the 2 is naturally impressionable to environment and association, they must learn to be individual and not unduly influenced by others.  The 2's are extremely sensitive, understanding, and generous.  Their lesson is to understand the points of view of others and to create harmony between people through that understanding.

Service with a smile for the 2 is just that—congenial association.  That is the quality of the 2, to give the power that will blend people.  One can give that power by learning how to use the Power of the Word at the right time, place, and way so that the frictions of association are lessened and that the congeniality is strengthened, allowing greater cooperation and greater results from the cooperation.

The quality of the 2 is to work with people.  The 2 finds it easy to serve and be obliging.  The greatest weakness of the 2 is lack of individuality, a lack of ability to take a stand on truth and withstand the opposition.  The 2 goes along because the 2 dislikes issues and arguments.  If the 2 quality can appreciate that right is right, if it learns to stick by truth, then it always has the greatest strength or power on its side.  The 2 must guard against being impractical and lazy.

The 2s must have support and assurance from others.  Never force the 2's into the circumstances where they are required to stand alone and battle opposing forces.  The 2s have great strength in company with others, and that is not a sign of weakness.  The 2s must have the assurance of being loved, understood, and appreciated.  These are the nutrients that bring the best growth.

The 2s need to know that there is some loyal support to rely on when the going gets rough.  The 2s have that quickness of mind and cleverness in ability to work with people, to charm people, to bring the best out of people.  The 2's power can help make all people feel and sense a natural unity.  That is the role of the 2s: to create strength in numbers.  So give the 2s a chance to do their best through encouragement and your confidence in them.  Be a strong support for the 2 quality.

Through the 2's diplomacy, understanding, warmth, and kindness, the 2s deflect friction and tension.  When the 2 has learned to be more concerned with truth than with someone else's opinion and not drift toward the most persuasive type of influence, then the 2 has the greatest strength on its side in dealing with people.  To fulfil their role on a universal level, the 2s must gain an knowledge of human nature and an ability to solve problems through an understanding of mind.  Being sensitive and intuitive, the 2s sense when people are unhappy and seem to know what to say to help others.      

3 birthpath
Self-expression is the 3's keynote.  They excel in vocal expression, public speaking, art, drama, or as entertainers, humourists, and sales people.  Their lesson is to use the power of the word to inspire and lift others to see a happier, objective perspective of life.  The 3's are congenial in association and cosmopolitan in nature.  They have a love for all people and desire to help others.

The 3 is the power of happiness.  3's are noted for their naturally giving natures.  The 3's are to give expression to life in a constructive vein, and with such a power of enthusiasm that it is a catalyst to others to want to give also.  The 3's role is to direct this enthusiastic power towards purposes that are beneficial for everyone.

The 3 loves to give but sometimes the 3 is too forgiving and lets indiscretions and trespasses go by when the 3 should take a stand.  The 3 must learn to control speech habits because the weaknesses of the 3 are sarcasm and being intolerant.  If the 3 quality learns to control the power of the word, the 3 develops a magnetic, generous, and philosophical nature.

The 3s need spontaneous expression.  You can help 3s find happiness by not making life too serious, by not pounding them with too many details and decisions and forcing them to be too regimented.  Give the 3s the chance to do their best in outward expression by giving them a chance to talk and demonstrate, to express musically and creatively.  Encourage the 3s humour.

Give the 3s the opportunity to express happily, musically, and creatively, and you have a powerhouse.  The 3s tend to become sarcastic when depressed over details or thwarted in their natural, fun-loving, expressive natures.  When the 3s are sarcastic, they are not happy and they are not able to express that natural bubbly expressive power.  Help the 3s handle the details and drudgery with incentives.  Make the drudgery fun in some way, if it’s possible!

When the 3s are expressing their higher nature, they are naturally very generous and give from the heart.  They love to share with others for the sheer pleasure in seeing others happy.  The 3s are congenial in association as they have a natural love for all people.  The 3s inspire others through their love of life and their undying optimism.  Naturally cosmopolitan, the 3s meet and mix well with all types of people.  The power of giving that 3s represent encourages greater expression and happiness in life.  

4 birthpath
The 4 quality symbolizes a power in its technical and scientific expression; it brings into being a very systematic, technical, stable, patient, and scientifically analytical nature.  The 4 seeks an understanding of life, delving into matter and form, searching for the secrets of nature in materiality.  The keynote of the 4 is practicality; and their duty is to find a basic principle governing matter and form.

The 4 quality is the quality of the intellect, the 4 serves best by bringing logic into life.  If we are striving to serve, then we should eliminate the confusion and bring clarity.  The 4 strives to reduce the confusions of misunderstanding and ignorance by introducing the logic of life.  The 4 serves by bringing clarity of thought.

The 4 quality represents a practical, intellectual power--a steadfast, patient, analytical expression.  On the negative side it does lack an ability to give in an inspirational way, becoming small-minded, stubborn, and fussy over little things.  The 4 seeks perfection and becomes discontent when it does not find it.  The 4 can learn to give in a practical yet inspirational way.  As it learns to give with more flexibility, it will find a power of growth, activity, and expression that will make life that much more beautiful.

The 4 is the quality that requires stability, and it cannot be rushed.  When you are raising children in the 4s, you must give them the encouragement and you must show the patience to let them build step by step.  The 4s need a solid foundation so prepare the 4s.  For the 4s to find happiness, they need security, stability, and routine.

The 4s have to sense that there is a settledness to life.  The 4s cannot be pushed.  They need time to think ideas and plans through before coming to decisions.  If you push the 4s they become very stubborn and will not change.  Give the 4s sufficient detailed information when you want them to make a decision.  The 4s have to have the picture laid out of where they are going and how to get there.  Then the 4s will think about it and will come to their own definite conclusions because they have formed every little bridge from one thought to the next.  You will find that when the 4s know something, it is forwards and backwards.

The 4s bring intelligence to universal love through clarification and understanding.  The 4s represent a strength of intelligence, constancy, and steadfastness which has a stabilizing influence on others.  When the 4s develop an understanding of people, they understand "the reason why" and then the higher qualities of patience and helping others through education express through the 4s.  The 4's awareness of helping others is through their intellectual illumination upon many subjects helpful to others.     

5 birthpath
The 5 quality represents change--a step above the technical phase.  The 5's must seek a definite Spiritual Principle and apply it; thereby developing the intellect and seeking new ideas, new meanings, and theories, to bring improvement to life.  The 5's tend to champion the less fortunate.  They are quick thinkers, always searching for a reason for things.  They seek the truth. As they love change, travel, and new experiences, they should not be placed in positions requiring detailed routine that is monotonous.

The 5 quality represents incentive--the quick-minded, analytical power.  The 5 should be able to resolve through analysis the injustices of life, and establish the proper principled means of conduct, whether it be business, social, economic, or political.  The 5 must find out what is wrong and establish what is right.  The analysis of the 5 should find new concepts and the 5 should share them.

The 5 quality is investigative and promotional.  Those with the 5 quality are quick thinkers and love freedom.  When the 5 is unhappy, it can become impatient and intolerant and can strike out at others with cruelty because it is quick to perceive the weaknesses of others.  The 5 quality tends to do to excess the things it likes to do, but when the 5 loses interest, it is difficult to finish what the 5 has started.  Seldom does the 5 forget an injustice.  The 5 must learn to have a patient, tolerant, forgiving attitude towards others so that this inner power is not torn to shreds by severe critical and caustic qualities of others and itself.

The 5s are searching for new expression.  The 5s must be given the challenge of doing their best at new things.  The 5 quality responds best to the challenge without the restrictions of definite limitations--in other words, guildelines, but not limitations, the free hand.  The 5s do not like to be tied down by restrictions, regulations, rules, and limitations.  Of course, the 5s have to learn to find the balance.

The 5 quality looks for happiness through new experiences, either physical or mental.  The 5s are negative through extreme candidness or through critical thoughts, intensity, temper, or moodiness.  This is an unhappy state of expression that results from repression.  Just as the 3s need to make life fun or exciting, the 5s need a similar type of thing.  The 5s want to be creative in carving new paths.  The 5s do not like to be tied down.  Encourage the 5s to try new things, to go to new places, make life interesting for the 5s.

The 5s express universal love through their sense of fairness, their willingness to help others and to champion the rights, particularly, of others in less fortunate circumstances.  The 5s dislike bigotry and oppression.  When expressing their higher natures, the 5s are charitable and, at times, over-extend themselves in helping others.  The 5s appreciate progress and like to be on the cutting edge of discoveries that will make life better for people.  The 5s express universal love through their intellectual development to find new meanings and theories that will ensure improvement of life's conditions.  

6 birthpath
The 6 symbolizes maturity and responsibility; it is the number of the mind and signifies growth to the point where mind begins to search within for the reason of being and realizes its responsibility to humankind.  The 6's have the mental quickness and the analytical ability of the 5, but without the 5's restlessness and impulsiveness intensity.  They desire to assume responsibilities for others.  Their love is more universal, with a intense desire to serve.  They carry responsibility better than any other quality.

The 6 represents the quality of service through responsibility.  The 6 serves by offering the under-standing in a way that is both acceptable and  appreciated for its clarity of intelligence and its universality in application.  The 6 quality is a superior mental quality, not in a negative sense of being egotistical but the 6 just has strong reasoning powers.

The 6 quality is noted for its reliability and its deep sense of responsibility for others.  A supercilious quality can be its downfall.  Ego is one of the greatest challenges because of the 6's superiority.  The 6 quality must learn to give appreciation for the individuality and intelligence of others.  The 6 must learn to control its bossy, self-opinionated qualities.  The 6 quality worries too much and must learn to do what it can and forget what it cannot.

The 6s are happiest when they have stability in home, business, marriage, and family.  All these things provide security--a form of personal strength.  The 6s are happiest when you place in their hands the chance to use their minds and to control through their ingenious ability and intelligence.

The 6s are happiest when they are needed because the 6 represents responsibility for others.  The 6s respond to responsibility, be it a job or family, or in school, the 6s take the lead for others.  Where there is responsibility of being in charge and having it all smoothly looked after, the 6s are happy.  They respond well when you encourage their creative, responsible natures.

Naturally paternal and maternal with an intense desire to serve humanity, the 6s express universal love through their care and awareness of the needs of people, and their willingness to take on responsibility in hospitals and charitable and educational institutions.  The 6s combine perceptivity, stability, and a natural sense of logic and common sense that calms the turbulence in others.  The 6s are trustworthy and just.  6s often sacrifice their own opportunities in order to assist others, especially when they are supported by the love and respect of family and friends. 

7 birthpath
The 7 is the quality of the philosopher and writer.  Their duty is to tune the mind to harmony and balance for receiving impressions from within; for this the mind must be placid and at peace.  The 7's keynote is placidity.  The 7's deeply appreciate the beauties of nature; they delight in mystery and are naturally drawn to philosophy and the occult.  They should spend time in meditation and reflection, and write down their thoughts.

The 7 serves through the depth of thought that the 7 symbolizes and bringing that depth and philosophical quality into the environment.  The 7 serves by bringing out the depth of other people's minds.  In the 7's quiet, reserved way, they have the ability to step forward at the right moment and bring in the serious, deeper aspects to whatever the circumstances are at the moment.

The 7 quality represents the thinker--theoretical, studious, reflective, and inspirational.  When the 7 does not live up to its highest side, it can become  too lost in its own world and does not give easily to others.  Because of the 7's extreme sensitivity, the 7 is easily affected by tension and can become very turbulent in its thinking experiencing morbid and moody thoughts.  The 7 quality must learn to be happy and not so set in its ways.

The 7s are happiest when they have security in association based on mental companionship and personal understanding.  You have to reach the 7s and make them feel the confidence that they are not alone, that there is someone right beside them thinking as they do.

When the 7s are into a definite philosophical plane of thinking that is more substantial, they are happier.  They do not like the superficiality and artificiality of life.  They must be given opportunities to express something deeper.  They need association with others to stimulate their thinking, to make them want to be more philosophical.  The 7s are happiest when their inner potential of depth is expressing.  You have to draw the 7 out: "What do you think about such-and-such?" and help them in making decisions.

Universal love expresses through the 7s when they share their deeper thoughts and universal ideas with others.  The 7s are seeking the answers to life and when the 7 finds relaxation in verbal expression, and shares their thoughts, many times their intelligence opens up new realms of thought for others.  The 7s love nature and the musical instruments that depict natural sounds and often their music has a unique inspirational expression.  The 7's poetry and verse often depicts the beauties of nature and people and the sense of oneness of all things.

8 birthpath
The 8 symbolizes a power that comes to demonstrate the spiritual law in service to humanity.  They are the born executives and national leaders, and should occupy positions where they can administer justice and equality for all and work to create a just and balanced economic system.  The 8's should never be subservient to others.  They seem to understand people and have the ability to direct others and to hold positions of great responsibility.

The 8 is the quality of service through organization.  That is how we benefit from the 8's ability, by helping to bring the clarity of understanding of how people can be organized, drawn together, and serve each other's interest in the best interest of all.  The 8's deeper, more significant role of service is in the organization of philosophical pursuits for the benefit and fairness to all humanity.

The 8 is the quality of poise and self-confidence administering justice for all.  On the other hand, it can also be the quality of self-importance, dishonesty, and being too miserly, domineering, and boastful.  The negative side of the 8 is to take, but it must learn to give so that what comes back is the result of giving, not of taking.  Taking only creates a negative mental concept of power and greed, thus the cycle of giving and receiving is incomplete.  The 8 must learn to give of itself in order for the cycle to complete the balance.

The 8s are happiest in positions of control, where they have absolute freedom to direct and act in an unrestricted manner.  The 8s are happiest when their reasoning creates harmony, happiness in others, and cooperative goodwill amongst all concerned.  The 8s are happy when they can sense or realize that they are responsible for improving the welfare of life around themselves and around others in their sphere of influence.

The 8s are happiest when they are unrestricted in their movements and they feel the freedom of having the wherewithal to be unfettered in their wants and their ambitions.  A practical quality of 8s causes them to exercise reason over feeling, and therefore they are happiest when their reasoning creates harmony, happiness in others, and cooperative goodwill amongst all concerned.  Generosity is a natural expression of the happiness of 8s.  Help the 8s be their own boss, to make their own decisions, and help the 8s realize that they are responsible for improving life for others.

The 8s express universal love for others in their efforts to create justice and equality for all people and their ability to understand and utilize the natural talents of others.  The 8s are here to help the less fortunate and to establish a just and balanced economic system.  The 8s are the business leaders, adept at directing the efforts of others along constructive lines, and accumulating for the benefit of and in service to humanity.  As the 8s develop more tolerance and compassion, they realize their executive and organizing abilities are meant to establish better conditions for all people, not just for themselves.  

9 birthpath
The 9 includes all the other qualities within itself.  They are born to serve others along the path of wisdom as spiritual leaders and teachers.  They are very sensitive and inspirational.  Their talents are many and varied, covering the inspirational vocations or in business where they have the opportunity to be of service to people in some way--in charitable institutions, hospitals, or in education or law.  The 9's are charming, affectionate, and respond quickly to kindness.  The path of the 9 is the highest and most inspirational, but it is the most difficult to live.

For the 9, service represents the idealism.  The purpose of life is something that everyone is seeking to understand.  The 9 serves through helping people and seeing their lives change; seeing someone who has been sick and unhappy become happy and vital; seeing someone in a family on the verge of breaking up and fighting with confusion, and the whole family changes and harmony is created through the efforts of the 9.

The 9 is the quality of universal love and has a great desire to serve humanity in some specialized field of endeavour. On the other hand, the 9 can be too possessive and smother others because of its intense feelings. When the 9 is not expressing on a universal level, it can be too temperamental and self-pitying.  The 9 is idealistic and visionary but must apply practical rules to find happiness and success in life.

The 9s find greatest happiness in being able to give to others in every way: materially, artistically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The 9s respond to love, applause, affection, and adoration.  The 9s cannot cope with criticism and depreciation.  They find encouragement in love and praise and this is the power upon which they draw for more giving and greater inspirational expression.

The 9s detest the drudgery of routine—house cleaning and other unimaginative and boring work-type responsibilities.  The 9s enjoy being able to flow through life leaving in their wake a trail of disorder and being able to have others take care of the clean-up of such results.  Again, drudgery and routine are lessons for the 9 but must be taught in a relaxed, fun-loving way.  The 9s enjoy a whirlwind of activity wherein they are able to touch the lives of many people, spreading the warmth and the power of inspiration wherever they go.  Kindness and love motivates a 9 through the monotonous events of life.

As the 9s express a universal love for all through service, and not build their world around personal and family love alone, the 9s find a balance and happiness in their lives.  Charming, sympathetic, and affectionate, the 9s inspire people through drama, music, the arts, or public speaking.  9s make friends easily, with all types of people, and can make themselves at home in almost any environment.  Their talents are many and varied. A  9's mind, when expressing universal love, is broad, deep, generous, and extremely forgiving--not vindictive or inclined to hold a grudge.

Editor's note:
You will likely recognize many of the qualities
expressed above, other than just your birthpath quality.
That is because there are finer shadings to the birthpath
that include the expression of some of the other
qualities, or it may be that your name reflects some of
the above qualities.

We encourage you to order a Name Report to find out
more about yourself and why you experience the thoughts
and feelings, and attract the situations in life that you do.
Sometimes when qualities are in conflict, there are feelings
of frustration and lack of consistency in effort which
hinders success.


There are strengths and weaknesses in all qualities.
To know the weaknesses and to control the weaknesses
allows the strengths to become stronger and influential
in directing one's life upon a constructive path of
happiness, peace, and success.

Edited by Daken on January-12-2007 at 4:46pm

The mind operates upon its own mathematics in which the whole intelligence of the cycle of life is automatically divided and measured into the 9's... 9 basic qualities of intelligence in action!
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Posted: January-12-2007 at 1:33pm | IP Logged Quote Affez Tlemsanix

3 basic groups

© Kabalarian writings  (excerpted from Newsletter Back Issues)

There are finer shades of the inner potential to be discerned in the understanding of human nature.  All people belong to one of three basic groups: practical, social, or inspirational.  The terms used in the Kabalarian Philosophy are water (practical), fire (social), and air (inspirational) groups.

The day of the month when one is born determines the group.  Each group has a special role in life and the group signifies the basic nature of the potential within each person and, as well, indicates the conditions necessary for personal growth.  The group represents a potential; it is part of the birthpath quality.  Whether this quality finds a natural expression depends upon the names used.


The water group (those born on the 1, 5, 7, 10, 14, 16, 19, 23, 25 and 28) express in a matter-of-fact, direct, independent way, and is responsible for establishing the practical understanding of life.  Water group members learn through their own efforts in self-education and self-discipline to become leaders sharing with others the benefit of their experiences.  They are self-sufficient and creative but have to guard against being self-centered.  Those in the water group appreciate the outdoors and find relaxation in nature.

Your Group:  Water In business associations, friendships, and marriage, you will find the most congeniality with those who are also in the water group.  You work best on your own; you are tenacious and work hard to accomplish your goals.  Because of your extreme independence and individuality, and a self-focused approach to life, you are inclined to disregard advice and to overlook the sensitivities of others.  You like to do things in your own way. You are a natural leader.  You are not as verbally expressive as people in the fire and air groups.

Those in the water group find it easier to merge with those in the fire group than those in the air group.  Fire group members do not tend to interfere with the independence of those in the water group.


The fire group (those born on the 2, 4, 8, 11, 13, 17, 20, 22, 26, 29 and 31) has the lesson of responsibility, the lesson of association, working for and with others, coinciding viewpoints and educating and organizing others.  Those in the fire group often learn through the fire of experience until they base their decisions on definite principles and are not swayed by others.  They are not highly inspirational, as they seek proof through fact and logic.

Your Group:  Fire In business associations, friendships, and marriage, you will find the most congeniality with those who are also in the fire group.  You have the responsibility of working with people to blend differences of opinion, and to create harmony and understanding, while at the same time, maintaining your own individuality and remaining impartial.  You flourish with the encouragement and support of family and friends.

Fire group members find it easier to merge with people in the air group than with those in the water group.  Air group members are not as independent, self- reliant, and self-sufficient as those in the water group.  Air group members, though, are not as adaptable as those in the fire group, nor are they as practical and systematic unless it is found in the names they use.


The air group (those born on 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 30) is here to contribute through self-expression and creative, artistic achievement.  Air group members have the potential to develop universal understanding to lead the minds of others into progressive, constructive channels of thought and creativity.  Being idealistic and inspirational, they should express affection and generosity.  Since they feel deeply abut the welfare of humanity, they can be over-emotional, temperamental, and unrealistic if not living the higher side of their nature.

Your Group:  Air In business associations, friendships, and marriage, you will find the most congeniality with those who are also in the air group.  You have an ability to reach people through the power of the word.  You should develop vision and serve humanity.  Within you is a naturally buoyant, enthusiastic zest for life.  You desire to lead and motivate others to something better.  You must think more about the practical side of your ideas and plans.

Air group members find it easier to merge with people in the fire group than with those in the water group.  Fire group members find it easier than do the members of the other two groups to set aside their own wishes and respond to the inclination of others.  Both the fire and air groups benefit from close friendships from which they draw support and motivation.  Those in the air group tend to be idealistic and visionary, while those in the water group are realistic and practical, and thus they do not see things from the same perspective many times.


(Editor's note:  The groups represent one aspect of the birth path as measured from the date of birth. A complete Name Report, which can be ordered on line, will give you a comprehensive understanding of your inner potential and how your names have influenced the expression of your natural purpose in life).

People born into the same group can experience a natural kinship, especially if their names have relative mathematical qualities. They tend to observe life from a similar perspective, think and feel in a similar way, and enjoy similar activities. However, discord in the name can distort the natural compatibility of people in the same group.

Therefore, if you are married to or associating with someone born into a different group, an opportunity awaits you to gain an understanding of life from another perspective. Being in different groups need not spoil long-term happiness, especially when each person strives to appreciate and understand the viewpoints and the challenges that face the other person.

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