Study Kababarian Philosophy

1. Watch and listen to the five videos below and complete the self-checking Workgroup.

Session A

1. Welcome

2. History of the Kabalarian Philosophy

3. The Mathematical Principle

4. Introduction to the 1 to 9 Qualities

Session B

5. The Individual Characteristics of the 9-Qualities

1, 2, and 3

4, 5, and 6

7, 8, and 9

6. Work Group 1

Work Group 1

Objective: To review characteristics of the 1 to 9 qualities.

Please indicate if the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

1. The 1 is known for direct speech.

2. The 2 makes decisions quickly and easily.

3. The 3 has a natural tendency to be expressive and congenial.

4. The 4 is very systematic and patient.

5. The 5 is most likely to choose to have circumstances stay the same.

6. The 6 quality is responsible.

7. The 7 finds verbal expression easy.

8. The 8 is materialistic.

9. The 9 is known for a love of system.

7. What You Will Learn in the Full Course


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