Subscriber Special<br>Balanced Name Recommendation<br>Until July 29

Subscriber Special
Balanced Name Recommendation
Until July 29

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Subscriber Special
Balanced Name Recommendation
Until July 29

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Balanced Name Recommendation Service

Our comprehensive Balanced Name Recommendation service will help you in the selection of a new name. With over 80 years experience in making name recommendations, our organization has helped thousands of people.

What Will a Balanced Name Do?

Your choice and use of a Balanced Name will harmonize your thinking with the natural qualities of your birthpath / inner potential. Then, as you strive to understand and live to the natural laws of life under a Balanced Name, your ideals and experiences will become relative to your true purpose. Living and expressing your intrinsic qualities brings greater happiness, peace of mind, and success into your life.

You may think that a name is just a name and that you can just make it work. Although you can work to bring out the positive qualities in your current names, the restrictive conditions (as described in your Name Report) will influence your overall destiny.

In the Balanced Name Recommendation the name choices that are created for you are a compilation of common names, spelling modifications of common names, and other unique and different names.

If you would like a Balanced Name from a specific cultural background we can also create your Balanced Name around this request. For families ordering Balanced Name Recommendations we will also work with you so each family member can use the same last name.

This service includes:

  • choice of 30 to 50 first names
  • choice of 30 to 50 last names
  • as well as spelling modifications of current names where possible
  • best business signatures to ensure stability and success in your business projects and affairs
  • best personal signatures
  • 1 hour of consultation support to assist you with your Balanced Name Recommendation. Your consultation time can be used through one or several calls or via email
  • help in choosing names from the recommended lists
  • we work with you until you find the name that you are comfortable with and is balanced to your inner potential.
  • advice on how best to establish your new balanced names
  • Analysis of the Balanced Names recommended for you
  • Balanced Name Certificate issued from our office after you have confirmed your selection of first and last names and signatures
  • 3-month Cycle Chart (based on your date of birth) to take you to a new level of time management planning