Name Reports

A Name Report is the first step in understanding yourself and the powerful effect your names have on all parts of your life.

You can get an analysis of just your most used name, nickname, and birth date in our online  Name Report service by ordering online and receiving it by email. 

Name Report (printed hardcopy)

Name Report (printed hardcopy)

Product ID: 99NR-8001

If you would like a hard copy Name Report, printed and bound, order this product. It will be sent by regular airmail.

Included in report:

  • an in-depth evaluation of all your names -- legal name (first and last), most-used names, nicknames, business signatures, previous names
  • analysis of your inner potential and birthpath
  • free telephone support for any questions
  • privacy and full confidentiality assurance

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Name Report (printed hardcopy)

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