Analyze 6 Business Names - Expedited

If you’d like an analysis of more than one business name, we now offer a special service that will weigh the pros and cons of up to 6 different business names for just $89. And we’ll email you the results in 3 days—guaranteed.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting names:

  • Give the exact name of your business as it appears or will appear on the registration documents or bank account. If the company is incorporated, include the incorporation suffix exactly as it appears: Examples: "Incorporated," "Inc.," "Limited," or "Ltd."
  • Do not enter a general category such as: "Engineering," "Import/Export," "Technology," etc. This service will only analyze the energy of a specific business name.
  • For companies incorporated in India, please use "Private" and "Limited" in full, not Pvt. or Ltd.
  • The analysis is given for business names using the English alphabet. If your business name is based on a language other than English please include the alphabet and identify the letters used that are vowels.
  • If the company is very large, it may not be registered under the name by which it is commonly known. In this case, the analysis will be only partially accurate.
  • This service only analyzes the existing or potential business names you provide. It does not offer suggestions. See our full Business Name Package for details.

6 Business Names Analyzed - Expedited Service

6 business names analyzed - Delivery in 3 working days

Website Price: $89.00

6 Business Names Analyzed - Expedited Service

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