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Baby Name Meanings

Baby name meanings explained by the Kabalarian Philosophy will be your invaluable guide in choosing the right name for your baby.

When your baby is born, you come to the important and vital step of naming your baby. As parents you likely have given thought to naming your newborn after a mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, or aunt. Perhaps you have browsed through lots of baby name books to see which names are currently popular.

However, the very best name for your infant is a "mathematically balanced name," a special name harmonized to your baby's date of birth. The Kabalarian Philosophy, with over 80 years of experience, is the world authority on baby name meanings, balanced names, and their importance in the constructive development of a child's life.

Your newborn, with a balanced name, will be a happy baby-a baby who will develop an intelligent and reasoning mind, with mental depth and stability; be amenable to logic and reason with a greater ability to control emotional reactions throughout the developing years. A balanced name will allow your child to attract the experiences needed to fulfil his or her purpose in life. With your support, your child could excel in school. A balanced name creates an expressive child; one who is creative, reliable, and capable and who will experience overall good health.

Consider the principle of balanced name very carefully before rushing off and making this most important decision for your infant. If you do choose a balanced name, your child will reap the rewards for years to come through a happy, healthy, and successful life. Your ability to know your child's purpose will put you in the driver's seat. You will be able to guide your child toward a worthwhile future filled with the opportunities and experiences needed for happiness. You will have a beautiful unique bond with your youngster and sidestep many misunderstandings that often occur between children and parents.

Give your newborn its best chance possible with a balanced name!

Read our extensive FAQ list below on factors to consider in choosing a baby name and finding out real baby name meanings. Whatever your baby's inner qualities are, they will develop more naturally with a balanced baby name. The fundamental purpose of a Balanced Name is to develop harmony and relativity between the baby's mind and the baby's inner potential.

We offer several options for choosing a Balanced Name for your newborn - the best start in life you can give your child.

We would be glad to talk to you about the importance of a Balanced Name for your child and how we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Baby Names

Explore how your baby name choice will affect the thinking, health, success and future happiness of your baby:

  1. Why should the baby names you choose be balanced baby names?
  2. Why should I not choose my baby names from the sample names on your site?
  3. What other factors, besides the balanced baby names, are important?
  4. How do you insure your baby the best opportunities you can?
  5. Why does a baby respond to a name?
  6. Is the selection of baby names based on numerology?
  7. Do you have to balance both the first name and the last name?
  8. Can a balanced baby name cure sickness in a baby?
  9. Is this teaching compatible with my religion?
  10. How do baby names create mind?
  11. Why do we emphasize the importance of a baby name choice?
  12. What is the relationship of health to a name choice for a baby?
  13. Will balanced baby names guarantee complete health?
  14. Does changing one’s maiden name at marriage have an influence on one’s life?
  15. Why are many of your baby name summaries for different names worded exactly the same? Is this a mistake?
  16. How do baby names influence the baby’s destiny?
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