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Empower Your Life Through ...

Life Analysis Training

Life Analysis Training is an easy to follow online study program designed for you. The program will empower your life in dynamic ways. You will see yourself in a new light and understand the underlying principles of why your name is the foundation of your mind and why you think and attract the experiences you do.

What do you really want to achieve in life? Yes, you may want to be prosperous, accomplished, loved, but what about deep down, in your heart of hearts, what is it you really want?

Isn’t it to know the real reason for why you are here enjoying life on this beautiful planet? And to be a vibrant force for positive change within your own life and even in the lives of others?

Life Analysis Training has this incredible benefit to transform your world to a new level of happiness and success.

You will become a leader in every capacity you serve.

  • As a person, to make a profound difference in your thinking, your experiences, and your success
  • As a parent, to positively guide the true direction of your children
  • As a friend, family member, and co-worker, to help others achieve happier, meaningful lives through a greater understanding of the power of name by integrating your new-found knowledge in the environments where you live and thrive.
  • As a executive, to motivate your team to outstanding performance

Happiness, Mental Freedom, and Personal Success

Life Analysis Training is dedicated to teaching an understanding of the laws of life and how to bring your dreams, goals, and ambitions into reality. The principles taught are logical and dependable.

Alfred J. Parker, the founder of the Kabalarian Philosophy, dedicated his life to the service of humanity. His discovery of the relationship between mathematics and language pioneered a new concept in the understanding of human mind.

This understanding, which has been taught for over 80 years, has brought health, personal fulfilment, peace of mind, and stability into the personal and business lives of thousands.

Life Analysis Training will provide the key to understanding how to control your life and bring into reality the happiness, mental freedom, and personal success you seek.

...the decision to take the Life Analysis Training course and change my name has been one of the most beneficial and important life change choices in my life to date.

KL, Vancouver

Benefits of Taking Life Analysis Training

With greater understanding of the principles of mind, there naturally comes greater individual control of one's life, which leads to personal success and happiness—two goals that are too worthy to ignore.
You will know:

  • Your life’s purpose from an analysis of your date of birth
  • Your strengths and weaknesses and how to change the conditions in your life
  • How to change your destiny to create a happy, fulfilling life
  • How to attract the best opportunities
  • How to create greater compatibility in personal relationships
  • How to guide your child’s natural inner potential or purpose
  • How to create more success in your business endeavours
  • How to fulfil your spiritual potential

I learned way more about myself, how I can better work with others, understand people more…The course has allowed me a whole new understanding of myself and fellow man…


We will share with you:

  • The basic characteristics of human behaviour
  • How name influences personality, thinking, desires, and experiences
  • How to develop your inner potential
  • Which vocations or avocations are best suited to your natural abilities
  • How every aspect of your life can be understood, strengthened, and improved
  • How certain names create stress
  • How others think and feel
  • How names affect objects, pets, and businesses
  • How mathematics and language are related to life’s purpose actually exceeded my expectations beyond anything I could have imagined.


You will receive:


    - 10 comprehensive online video classes from a live course
    - each class can be downloaded as an MP3 audio file for offline listening
    - 8 written lessons of reference material [view table of contents]
        to further your knowledge from the video classes
    - listen and read a your own pace

    - each class has a workbook which will help you follow through the video classes
    - each class has work groups for you to test your knowledge
    - work groups can be submitted online to your assistant
Assistant Mentoring

    - personal assistance and support for your work groups and questions
    - mentoring by email or phone
Record of Completion

    - sent to you on completion of course

Learn at your own pace. Study in your own time in the convenience of your home.

Very informative and enlightening. Better understanding and appreciation of how important a balanced name is. Better understanding of others.


Take our Free interactive sample—Introduction to Life Analysis Training to get an overview of the full course. This introduction is part of class 1 of the full course. Try it to find out more.

Course Fee

The course fee is $300. There is also the option of a monthly payment plan. Call us at 1-866-489-1188 for payment plan details.

If you don't have your Balanced Name Recommendation we have a special discount ($95 instead of $145) if it is ordered at the same time as your online course. This is a $50 savings. See below for pricing or call us for assistance.

Online Course
Online Course
with Balanced Name Recommendation
at Special Package Price

You Owe it to Yourself

This valuable knowledge will change your life forever!

This could be one of the most important steps you take in your life. It is a chance to understand yourself and others at a deeper level. You will be able to create a successful destiny and develop your full potential. Don't wait another day.

Best regards,

Garett Hennigan
Student Support Services
Society of Kabalarians



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