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If you are looking to study numerology, the Kabalarian Philosophy is a much deeper and broader understanding than the current versions of numerology taught today. It more clearly represents the original truth of numerology and may even be considered "advanced numerology".

To study numerology means to investigate what we term the "Mathematical Principle of name". This is a much more complete theory of mind than Numerology. It deals with all facets of mind; including the physical, mental, and spiritual principles of mind.

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that name is the single biggest factor related to our happiness, success, and health.

Enter your first name below to find out the real meaning of your name based on the Mathematical Principle (or advanced numeology) as explained by the Kabalarian Philosophy.

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Study Numerology Topics

  1. Should I just study numerology or the Advanced Numerology of the Kabalarian Philosophy?
  2. The simple truth about mind through Advanced Numerology
  3. Understand every person you meet through Advanced Numerology
  4. Creating balanced thinking through Advanced Numerology is the key to happiness
  5. Measuring mind using a provable principle of Advanced Numerology
  6. The Hidden Truth of Advanced Numerology universally applicable to all
  7. Understand the potential of mental evolution through Advanced Numerology
  8. Accomplishment and attainment through a greater understanding of mind through Advanced Numerology


1. Should I just study numerology or the Advanced Numerology of the Kabalarian Philosophy?

There are many varied concepts of numerology. Through years of continual research and observation, Alfred J. Parker, founder of the Kabalarian Philosophy, developed detailed and accurate methods of measuring personality traits. Many of the ideas present in current publications on numerology were introduced by Mr. Parker more than 70 years ago.

Numerology deals primarily with analyzing names and birthdates to reveal mental qualities, but lacks the basis of a spiritual principle. It fails to provide a clear explanation of the unfoldment of the higher human potential and the relationship to life's purpose.

Much of the discord that people experience in their personal lives, such as poor health, breakdowns in personal and business relationships, or lack of success, is due to the influence of the names we use.

The Kabalarian Philosophy provides a unique understanding of balanced names, which contribute to the constructive and natural expression of the inner potential. We use the term Mathematical Principle rather than numerology due its broader application. This study teaches a complete universal principle of life, encompassing the physical laws of well being and the mental laws of balance and harmony. It also teaches the spiritual laws which explain our purpose in life and the necessary steps to achieve our birthright, namely merging with the highest source of mental awareness, Universal Consciousness.

If you think the Kabalarian Philosophy is just numerology, you miss the full import of what the Kabalarian Philosophy offers: the knowledge of how to live a full and complete life, using an understanding of mind and life to attain balance, harmony, and wisdom. Name is a power, and it is extremely important to understand the far-reaching effect a name and birth date so we may grow and improve our lives.

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2. The simple truth about mind through Advanced Numerology

Scientists such as Newton and Einstein have furthered our understanding of the mathematical formulas describing the physical laws that govern our world. The principle of Advanced Numerology explains how mind is created and balanced. Advanced Numerology is significant to each of us as it directly influences every living person. Advanced Numerology explains the mathematical formula that creates your thinking pattern and measures your inner potential.

Through this principle of Advanced Numerology, you can measure your inner potential through your date of birth, and measure your thinking pattern through your name. If these two aspects, the inner potential and the outer nature, are in harmony, your life is fulfilled. If they are not in harmony, your life is bound to reflect this lack of balance in some manner. By understanding this principle of Advanced Numerology, you understand the basic law that makes you who you are.

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3. Understand every person you meet through Advanced Numerology

Using this web site you will find brief analyses of most if not all of the people you know. These are only brief summaries of the influence of their names on their personalities, and are valid for people using English as their primary language. Much more can be said about each name. If you investigate further, you will discover that this is the basic principle of Advanced Numerology governing all minds. Advanced Numerology relates mathematics, language, name, mind, and Consciousness

Why is Joe sociable? Why does Gloria seem aloof? Why is Peter so individualistic yet stubborn? Why is Terry intense? Why does Diana lack confidence? Understand Advanced Numerology (the Mathematical Principle of name), and you will understand everyone you meet.

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4. Creating balanced thinking through Advanced Numerology is the key to happiness

The principle of Advanced Numerology by the Kabalarian Philosophy will give you the vital key to creating balanced thinking and happiness.

Your name was given to you by your parents. Each letter in your name is associated to a number based upon its sequence in the alphabet. Each number is linked to a quality of intelligence. These numbers or qualities are combined into a formula that reveals much about your personality. These are the qualities of intelligence that become you. Everyone is unique, but the principle of name governs how we bring this uniqueness into expression.

Every quality of intelligence can be expressed either constructively or destructively. You are the final arbitrator of this expression. But the name combines these qualities in patterns that dramatically affect whether you can live and express your higher side consistently. A balanced name, as taught by Kabalarian Philosophy, will allow a more natural expression of your constructive qualities of intelligence.

Once you know this simple principle of name numerology, you will be able to measure constructive and destructive thinking more directly. You will understand why some people are moody, why others are selfish, why some are indulgent, and others are lost in self-pity. Every discord in thinking is related to a destructive expression of a quality of intelligence. You will understand how limiting an unbalanced name can be, and how a balanced mind created through a balanced name from the Kabalarian Philosophy has greater mental versatility and freedom of constructive expression.

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5. Measuring mind using a provable principle of Advanced Numerology

This principle of Advanced Numerology is easily proven. It stands the test of a skeptical mind. This principle of Advanced Numerology gives you a practical basis to measure and understand mind using the power of mathematics.

Use this web site to look up the names of your friends and associates. You will find that the sample name analyses describe them accurately. Remember this is only a partial analysis, as it does not take into account the other names they use and their unique inner potentials that is described in a Name Report. Order a Name Report and test this principle. You will be surprised how your names have influenced your entire thinking pattern.

Study the principle of name numerology further in the home study program, Life Analysis Training. You can test this principle of Advanced Numerology every day by using it to analyze everyone you meet. The Advanced Numerology principles taught in this course are consistent and provable. This course offers you new insights into mind that you will not find elsewhere.

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6. The hidden truth of Advanced Numerology universally applicable to all

The principle of name numerology works in all languages. It has been known in many past cultures and ages. Name numerology is hidden in symbolism in many of the major religions. Name numerology is the basic principle of how consciousness comes into form through the mathematical symbols of language. Learn this principle of name numerology and you will have a key of infinite value in creating the understanding, balance, and happiness every person requires.

Once you understand mind through name numerology and how mind is created and balanced, you will begin to understand a perspective on the greater potential of life.

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7. Understand the potential of mental evolution through Advanced Numerology

Answering the many questions of life is possible through the wisdom of the Advanced Numerology taught in Kabalarian Philosophy. As we apply Advanced Numerology principles, we can resolve the many challenges and dilemmas that confront us. We can approach issues from a basic cause, as mind is a fundamental influence on all aspects of our lives. Mental evolution is the day-by-day progression in understanding the laws of life and applying them in our lives. The more we understand and apply the basics of good health, mental balance, and mental growth, the greater our happiness in living constructively.

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8. Accomplishment and attainment through a greater understanding of mind through Advanced Numerology

Everyone has a unique potential. We are linked to life through the first breath, and complete our life with the last breath. In between, the experiences of our life are linked directly to our thinking pattern. The more we apply Advanced Numerology in evolving our own thinking, the greater our expression of mental balance.

Success, accomplishment, and attainment are all earned through our physical and mental efforts. We reap as we sow, as every farmer and thinker knows. Sow balanced thinking and your harvest will be bountiful and well earned. Balanced thinking is not an automatic process; it takes effort. We must take responsibility for our life and the experiences in it.

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Brief Analysis of Your First Name

Click here for a free analysis of your name using the Mathematical Principle (numerology) as advanced in the Kabalarian Philosophy.


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