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Kalex Business Consulting Services

Kalex Business Name Creation

Your business name can have a profound effect on performance. Our Business Names Package creates names optimized for the way you do business today.

A strong business name looks successful and sounds successful, but more importantly, it is mathematically balanced to convey a powerful energy that immediately connects with customers, investors, employees, and suppliers.

Just as importantly, in today's digital age your company name must be compatible across multiple platforms, including websites, social media, domain names, email signatures, and other applications.

Kalex name creation covers it all.

At Kalex Business Consulting Services, we take great care in developing names for your business that meet all of the above criteria. As in the names we create for individuals, we apply the mathematical, linguistic, and spiritual principles of the Kabalarian Philosophy, working with you closely to ensure your selection of business names projects the positive image, message, and energy you desire.

Because your entity's name is so critical to defining its destiny, for better or for worse, we urge you to have your current or prospective business name evaluated using our Free Business Name Analysis, at top right.

And if you're ready to move forward with our exceptional name creation service, we'll help you decide on a name that can strengthen every aspect of your business—from attracting prime prospects to instilling confidence and enthusiasm in everyone involved.

What your Business Names Package includes:

  • 15 to 25 balanced company name choices based on the input you provide.
  • Best domain names and first words to be used on a daily basis.
  • Best email address to associate with your business.
  • 3 months of the most favourable dates to start your business.
  • Overview of 9-year cycle patterns to assist you in long-term planning.
  • 3 months of detailed monthly and daily cycle advice.
  • 12 mos. of consulting services to help you make sound decisions.

"I wanted to let you know how happy and thrilled I am about the business package that was developed for my company name. It is sensational. To my utter delight there were enough great names to name not only my company but also six of my service offerings!!" —CM, USA

For more information—or to order your Business Names Package—email Kalex at taylore99@kabalarians.com or call toll-free 1-866-489-1188. Get started today!


Is your business name holding you back?

Find out here—FREE!

Why leave something so critical to your success to chance? Find out if your business name is helping you or hurting you. Whether it will achieve long-term profitability…or has limited potential.

Our Free Business Name Analysis will evaluate one current or prospective name per company. (For more than one name see special offer below.) Just complete this form to receive your free analysis. (Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.)

Important: Please enter the official business name, including suffixes like Inc., Ltd., LLC, etc.

Company Name:

Please use hyphens for spaces
Your email address:
Your first name:
Your last name:

Can't wait? Get up to 6 names evaluated in 3 days—only $79.

If you'd like an analysis of more than one business name, we now offer a special service that will weigh the pros and cons of up to 6 different names for just $79. And we'll email you the results in 3 days—guaranteed.

Submit up to six business names:

Business name #1
Business name #2
Business name #3
Business name #4
Business name #5
Business name #6


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