Your First Name of: Aania - What does it mean?

Below is a brief analysis only of the first name of Aania. For an analysis of your full name and destiny, see our free Name and Birth Date Report service for further details.

Your name Aania makes you spontaneous, confident, poised, and versatile. You are able to work well with people and gravitate to positions where you organize and direct others. Your independence and vision do not make you enjoy being like to be told what to do. You prefer a position of authority and your vision and foresight enable you to hold positions of responsibility and trust. You consider financial independence for yourself and your family important. Having a good sense of financial and material values, you appreciate quality in all things and desire to be prosperous. As you have expensive tastes regarding your possessions and appreciate the comforts and pleasures of life, you tend to do to excess the activities you enjoy. At times, you can be magnanimous to a fault and you are inclined to overspend, but generally, you want to maintain a stability in your finances.
The practical side of your nature appreciates system and order, but you resist monotony and boredom. Self-expression and dealing with the public are your forte and you could excel in public speaking, in sales and marketing, or in the entertainment world. You have a zest for life and a happy, cheerful, stable disposition which others enjoy. Humour comes naturally, as you can laugh both at your own discomfiture and the humorous side of the experiences of others. You thrive on appreciation and encouragement but can be deeply hurt through unkind words, yet you would never show it. You are not easily influenced against your better judgment.
On occasion, you can be intolerant and critical of others, quick to argue, and to dominate conversations. You love to have the last word! Comfortable to be the centre of attention, you enjoy talking and socializing. You have a quick, clever mind, and you are not naturally moody or depressed. Any momentary despondency is always replaced by thoughts of optimism and appreciation for life.
You enjoy music and the arts. If you were given any training, you could excel as a musician or artist, but would want to commercialize your talents.
Your enjoyment of foods of all kinds can cause weight challenges and related problems. Eating too much of the spicy foods would cause an over-heated bloodstream and result in skin troubles. A weakness centres in the generative organs as well, but good health can be maintained by a balanced diet of proper foods.

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