Your First Name of: Qualls - What does it mean?

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As Qualls, you are practical and hardworking, gravitating toward technical or mechanical fields of endeavour. You could enjoy working with your hands in practical ways as in cooking, baking, or such crafts as sewing or knitting. You could be inventive along practical lines as you will always try to make things work. When you take on a project, you have the determination and resilience to complete it, and you are not easily distracted. In fact, once you start something you do not like to be interrupted or told what to do. If you work in a disruptive environment, you suffer much frustration and inner turmoil. You work best on your own, relying upon your own planning abilities and meticulous qualities, and hate to leave anything unfinished or untidy. Being exacting and somewhat of a perfectionist, you would usually prefer to do a job yourself rather than delegate it to others. You could be quite content and happy in a steady job and a settled home environment, surrounded by family and a few friends.
You are loyal to your friends and family and not prone to gossip. Occasionally, you can be argumentative and somewhat domineering. Not easily changing your opinions, you can be quite stubborn and resist forced changes. You find it difficult to express your deeper feelings for those you care for, as you are embarrassed by displays of emotion. Not finding the right words to handle awkward situations leaves you unhappy and frustrated. Many times, because of this lack of expression, when you do say exactly what you think, others are offended and hurt.
This name limits your imagination and spontaneity keeping you tuned to the practical and methodical aspects of life. As it is not in harmony with your inner potential, you experience a great deal of discontent and repression.
Stress due to the influence of this name causes headaches and sinus troubles, or problems in the stomach and digestive system, which are aggravated by a tendency to eat heavy foods.

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