Your First Name of: Sianny - What does it mean?

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Your name Sianny has given you independence, positivity, tenacity of purpose, and self-confidence. You are inventive and ingenious along practical lines, and you learn from your own experiences. You enjoy working with your hands, adding originality and novelty to your creativity.
You prefer to develop your own business or work in areas where you have a degree of authority and freedom from restrictions, preferably outdoors. Your independence and self-reliance do not make it easy for you to accept advice or the opinions of others. Outdoor activities such as exploring, camping, hiking, or climbing are pursuits you enjoy as they provide an outlet for your active, vital nature. You do not like crowds, you like to be on your own or with a few close friends. You appreciate a simple life.
At times, you are strong-willed and argumentative, saying candidly and to the point exactly what you think. As it is challenging for you to express emotional sentiments, you avoid such situations if you can. You feel awkward and embarrassed because you recognize your verbal restrictions in not being able to be as diplomatic, sympathetic, and solicitous, as others would like. Sometimes this lack within you has caused friction and misunderstandings in close associations. It is not a part of your nature to observe and return in kind the little attentions and gestures of affection of close associates. You can take candidness from others as you are not easily hurt. You appreciate honesty and you are loyal to friends and family and will go to great lengths to help someone in need. You do not depend upon others for encouragement or sympathy to give you the will to carry out your undertakings. Sometimes you are too forceful with those who mean the most to you and misunderstandings arise because you find it a challenge to understand the nuances of feelings and needs of sensitive natures.
This name has not made you naturally theoretical or philosophically inclined, as it restricts the development of a depth of perspective and vision and tends to make you self-oriented and limited at times to your immediate responsibilities. You do not tend to enjoy long-range planning, but you are very willing to work hard today to create the tomorrows. You gain satisfaction from the pursuit of active undertakings using your abilities to improvise and create in a physical way. You are not afraid to try new activities in order to lead the way for others. You have a great deal of drive and initiative.
A strong temper can be a challenge. When you cannot find the words to handle a situation, you can literally “see red” and want to strike out in a physical way to express your anger. When you are challenged in this way, it is frustrating for you not to be able to find the words to handle confrontational situations. Yet, when you are relaxed with people, you can be very witty because of the straightforward way you look at life’s situations.
This name causes weaknesses to the senses of the head. You could suffer from eye, sinus, or ear troubles, or experience headaches, and even accidents to the head.

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