Your First Name of: Erduan - What does it mean?

Below is a brief analysis only of the first name of Erduan. For an analysis of your full name and destiny, see our free Name and Birth Date Report service for further details.

Since the qualities contained in the name of Erduan demand that you serve mankind in a universal way, you find that the things that mean the most to you are taken away from you, either through shattered ideals or losses in the affections. When you care for someone, you can be extremely possessive and jealous of any interference. You centre your whole world around that one particular person, not allowing the other person freedom of thought or action, thus spoiling happiness for both yourself and the other person. You find there are extreme changes in your nature, from feelings of intense optimism in which case you express kindness, understanding, generosity and charm to everyone, to feelings of extreme pessimism, when you are temperamental, hard to get along with, easily upset and think that no one cares for you. You need a worthwhile objective in your life to find happiness and evenness of temperament. You want the best out of life, and yet you never seem to have it. You have the highest of ideals and hopes, yet you never find a fulfilment of your efforts. You also want to be appreciated and to feel needed for the things you do. You often do not receive appreciation and recognition for your efforts and people tend to take advantage of your good nature. You can be easily appealed to and could be taken advantage of either in your personal affairs or in a material way, such as the lending of money, for you find it difficult to refuse a request. You can be easily moved by music and drama. You love music and if given the proper opportunity, you could excel at the playing of instruments, preferably stringed instruments, or you could do very well in any form of dramatic expression. Tension in your body, caused through this name, affects the nervous system in extreme nervousness, and could also bring fits, strokes, apoplexy, nervous habits and breakdowns.

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