Your First Name of: Sitka - What does it mean?

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Your name of Sitka has developed qualities of positivity, independence, and self-confidence. Being self-assured and self-reliant, you are naturally inclined toward operating your own business or pursuing opportunities where you sense of freedom would not be curtailed. You are very determined and positive in opinion, and resist taking direction and advice from others. Your standards of quality and efficiency are high. Having everything under control is important to you to demonstrate your capable, serious nature. You can be depended upon to do any job well and you will often carry out an undertaking yourself instead of accepting a second-rate job by someone else.
You have a forthright, matter-of-fact manner that others turn to in times of need. You are staunch in friendship, and can be depended upon for guidance and assistance. You take your responsibilities seriously and have a deep appreciation for family, the home environment, and the community. Helping those in less fortunate circumstances is important to you.
You prefer a simple, uncomplicated life where you can apply originality and ingenuity to express your creative talents, being by nature serious, thoughtful, and studious. If given the training, you could develop musical and artistic expression. Although you are extremely devoted and loyal to your family and friends, it is not in your nature to express emotional sentiments. Situations requiring sympathy and understanding, or where compliments are expected, make you feel awkward and embarrassed. You recognize the need, but feel a lack of spontaneity and fluency in verbal expression. You say candidly what you think and this quality, combined with your diligence to look after the rights of people, can cause others to think of you as being interfering and bossy, or lacking in tact and understanding. It is sometimes challenging for you to listen to and understand the viewpoints of others because your opinions are strong, carefully thought out, and sensible. You do not change your mind readily.
Being relaxed and spontaneous in social or formal situations is sometimes challenging, as you often value time on your own more highly. Your accomplishments give you a great deal of satisfaction, and involvement in social activities can sometimes make you feel that you are wasting time. You are practical and steadfast but at times too limited in your personal opinions and ideas.
Health weaknesses of this name centre in the head, resulting in such conditions as headaches, sinus problems, hay fever, or weak eyes. A tendency to worry far too much over obligations and responsibilities could lead to a disturbed mental state.

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