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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aarfina Able Ablett Adaamina Adair
Adams Adamson Adcock Addison Addy
Adkins Alden Aldis Allan Alleyn
Allyn Alwin Amery Anderson Andrews
Arnell Arnett Ashlin Aslin Asling
Atkin Atkins Atkinson Austen Austin
Aylwin Bardell Barnett Bartle Bartlett
Bate Bateman Bates Batson Batten
Batty Benn Bennett Bennett Bennitt
Benny Benny Benson Bevan Bevin
Boden Bowden Briand Briant Bryan
Bryant Christian Christie Christin Christine
Christy Christy Chrystal Chrystal Clemens
Clements Cole Coles Collard Collett
Colley Collins Collis Conant Conning
Costain Coulson Dabbs Dandy Daniels
Dannet Dave Davidson Davie Davies
Davis Davison Daw Dawe Dawes
Dawkins Dawson Day Dennett Dennis
Dennison Denny Denson Dibble Dickens
Dickinson Dicks Dickson Dix Dixon
Dobson Dodd Dodge Dodson Donald
Donaldson Durant Dye Dyson Edds
Edison Edman Edmond Edmonds Edmondson
Edmund Edmunds Edwards Eley Eliot
Elliot Elliott Ellis Ellis Ellison
Elmar Elmer Elwin Ely Emerson
Emmerson Eustice Evans Farrand Farren
Francis Franks Gamble Garrett Garryzero
German Gibbons Gibbs Gibby Gibson
Gilbertson Gilbertson Gilbey Gill Gillam
Gillard Gillett Gillette Gilliam Gillman
Gilman Gilpin Gilson Golden Gosling
Greer Gregg Greig Gribble Grier
Grigg Griggs Guise Hamblin Hammett
Hammond Hancock Hanson Harman Harmon
Harriman Harris Harrison Hawkins Henderson
Hendry Hewett Hewlett Higgins Higgs
Hitchcock Hix Hixson Hobbs Hobson
Hodges Hodgson Hodgson Hodson Hopkins
Hotchkiss Hotchkiss How Howell Howes
Hubbard Hudson Huggins Hughes Humphreys
Humphries Hutchens Hutcherson Hutchings Hutchins
Hutchinson Hutchison Isaacs Isaacson Ivatt
Ive Ivett Jacklin Jacks Jackson
Jacob Jacobi Jacobs Jacoby Jacoby
Jameson Jamieson Jane Jane Jane
Jane Janes Jarman Jarred Jarrett
Jarvis Jean Jean Jeeves Jefferies
Jefferson Jeffrey Jeffries Jenkins Jenks
Jennett Jennings Jennison Jeremiah Jeremy
Jermine Jocelyn John Johns Johnson
Johnson Jones Joscelyne Josephson Joslin
Josselin Joyce Joyce Julyan Kendrick
Kennard Kitt Kitts Larkin Larkins
Laurie Law Lawrance Lawrey Lawrie
Lawry Lawson Levin Levinson Lewes
Lewin Lewis Littlejohn Living Lockett
Low Lowrie Lowry Lucas Luck
Luckett Macallan Macdonald Macey Macgregor
Macy Maddison Magill Marcell Mark
Marke Marks Martell Martens Martinet
Martinson Massey Massie Matheson Matson
Matthews Mayhew Michaelson Michaelson Michell
Miggs Miles Mitchell Morice Morse
Moss Mott Najeeda Neal Neale
Neil Neill Neilson Nell Nelson
Nibbs Nicholls Nichols Nicholson Nickel
Nickels Nickle Nicol Nicolas Nicolle
Nikal Nixon Nowell Noy Noyes
Osborn Osborne Paine Parkin Parkinson
Parks Parr Parrott Parry Pate
Paterson Paton Patterson Pattison Patton
Paul Paulson Payne Pearson Perkins
Perrin Perry Person Peters Peterson
Petrie Petry Phelps Philips Phillips
Philpot Phipps Pierce Poel Poll
Pollard Polson Potts Powell Preece
Price Pritchard Pritchett Pumphrey Rafe
Ralph Rand Randall Randell Randolph
Rankin Ransom Rapson Rawlings Rawlins
Rawson Reace Reece Rees Reese
Reese Rennie Rennison Reynolds Rice
Richards Richardson Richie Rick Ricketts
Ritchie Rix Rkrkxm Robb Robbie
Robbins Roberts Robertson Robey Robin
Robinson Robson Rodgers Rogers Roland
Rolland Rollins Rowland Salmon Sams
Sanders Sanderson Saunders Searle Sim
Sime Simkin Simmons Simms Simond
Simpkins Simpson Sims Stacey Stacey
Stephens Stephenson Stevens Stevenson Stinson
Symonds Tamblyn Tamlin Tamlyn Tandy
Tennyson Terry Theodore Thom Thomason
Thomazin Thompkins Thompson Thomson Tibbles
Tibbs Tibbs Timm Tippins Tolly
Tomlinson Toms Tudor Vince Vincent
Vinson Walters Waters Watkins Watson
Watt Watts Wiatt Wilcox Wilke
Wilkerson Wilkins Wilkinson Wilks Willett


 Important Note  
on Choosing Baby Names!!

Do not choose a baby first name based on these short name descriptions. Your baby's name must be in harmony with:

  • your baby's birthdate (inner potential)
  • and your family's surname (last name)

It is essential that you understand the qualities of your family name. Before you make the critical decision on your child's name, explore our on-line service options, or:

Call us toll-free in North America at:

      (outside of North America use 604-263-9551)

for full information on our Baby Balanced Name Recommendation Service or visit our baby name page and read the extensive FAQ listing.


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