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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaby Aadhruti Aadira Aadyasha Aafrin
Aahanaa Aakangsha Aakarsha Aalika Aalishan
Aaliyaa Aalolika Aaly Aameen Aamulaya
Aananya Aanayta Aandolika Aangi Aanjani
Aankhi Aanshi Aanshika Aanushkaa Aanwi
Aarabi Aaradanaa Aaradhitaa Aaranya Aaranyaa
Aarathrika Aarathy Aarav Aareal Aareya
Aarita Aarna Aarni Aarshia Aarshiya
Aarthana Aarthikha Aarundati Aaryaa Aaryanne
Aarysh Aashifa Aashile Aashirya Aashisha
Aashmi Aashruti Aashwini Aasvi Aatrayee
Aayachi Aayona Abbida Abbileigh Abeena
Abeesha Abeetha Abeyson Abhignaa Abhikaa
Abhineshni Abhipsa Abhiraami Abhiruchi Abhishikta
Abiline Abinayaa Abiraame Abiraj Abiraksha
Abismrita Absuma Adaa Adani Addhya
Addita Addite Additi Adeetee Adeeti
Adeshni Adeti Adheer Adheeti Adhidhi
Adhik Adhikh Adhiraa Adhiseya Adhithri
Adhvika Adidhi Adidi Adikh Adindia
Adipti Adithee Aditie Aditra Adittee
Adivka Adsie Advaitha Adveta Advika
Adviti Advitiya Adyasha Adyasmita Aema
Aesica Afshana Agamya Aganita Agarwal
Agnimita Agrani Ahaana Ahdeetay Aheela
Ahilia Ahlya Aiera Aieshwarya Aineeka
Ainrose Aishritha Aishvarya Aishwaraya Aishwi
Aishwin Aisshwarya Aiswararya Aitra Aja-Armani
Ajila Ajisha Ajpa Ajudhnis Akalpita
Akankshi Akannsha Akearris Akhilal Akhshaya
Akiksha Akshaar Akshaiyaa Akshathaa Akshayini
Akshra Akthar Akuthi Alaafiya Alaafiyah
Alafeyah Alakhya Alammu Alanteena Alantina
Alevelu Algeti Alishiyaa Aliviya Allereen
Allyshea Alongkrita Alpu Alushka Alvarine
Alvisha Alviya Amalarany Amansara Amareena
Amareswari Amarnath Amartya Amberlipi Amegha
Amekhala Amerdeep Amerine Amidha Amirunnisa
Amithra Amo Amoka Amra Amra
Amrata Amretta Amrinder Amrisha Amsath
Amuthu Anaanya Anadhika Anaghaa Anahad
Anahatta Anaheez Anahiata Anaishaa Anaitha
Anal Analitha Anamayee Anand Anansha
Ananthika Ananthy Anantneha Ananya-A Anargya
Anasuyia Anathi Anboli Ancesao Anchale
Anchan Anchana Anchasidie Ancilda Ancima
Andaaleb Andjanie Andjely Aneaya Aneha
Angamithra Angita Angitha Angkana Anglley
Anhithi Anhuiya Anibha Anigraha Aninder
Anishkajoy Anithi Anitya Anjaliyy Anjalle
Anjati Anjeenee Anjellyque Anjitha Anjla
Anjulina Ankonaa Anmisha Anmitha Anmolika
Annaa Annaanyyaa Annaita Annanati Annancia
Annanti Annerin Annishka Annlei Ann-Mariya
Annomi Annoucheka Annumeet Anohitha Anondita
Anonyaa Anooradha Anpuselvi Anshdha Anshema
Anshruta Anshulee Anshuli Anshumi Anshy
Ansumali Antarika Antoniani Anugnya Anuh
Anukrithi Anumathy Anumitha Anumula Anuoshka
Anuphama Anuprama Anuraag Anurahda Anurradha
Anushila Anushkaa Anushkar Anushma Anusoorya
Anussa Anvayaa Anvishah Anviya Anwitha
Anyata Aourushi Apneet Apoorvaa Apphi
Aprie Apsa Apte Apurwa Aqueta
Arabic Aradhya Arafana Araini Aralene
Araneta Ararthrika Ara-Tisha Arcchana Archeesha
Archhana Ardishta Areeg Areeshia Areet
Arendeep Arevia Arhia Ariate Arihana
Arihant Arishna Arleepta Arlyene Arnaaz
Arnavi Arnjah Arnvi Aron Aroonima
Arpen Arshinder Arthita Artimezia Aruksheta
Arulini Arulmalar Arunah Arunavijay Arundhaty
Arundyuty Aruneema Arunimaa Aruthra Aruti
Aruva Arvantha Arvindraj Asaawari Asalmbigai
Asebu Aseera Asema Ashathbanu Ashawari
Asheema Ashija Ashilea Ashilee Ashilena
Ashiley Ashilie Ashiliey Ashirya Ashisha
Ashliey Ashlina Ashray Ashreta Ashtami
Ashudeep Ashumitha Ashuti Ashuwanee Ashwari
Ashwati Ashwika Asshile Asvinee Aswatha
Aswinimena Athayla Atheeva Athmika Athreyi
Atishya Atmeeya Atoylya Atraiya Atrayie
Atrija Atulima Atyasha Auroshree Auroshri
Aushin Ausiya Avaana Avaani Avalika
Avandi Avarna Aveetha Avhinav Avileena
Avipsa Avitaj Avneen Avnisha Avritti
Avvalprit Awanti Awita Axesia Axirvad
Ayachi Ayeira Ayeman Ayetakhi Ayilya
Ayindri Ayraa Ayukta Ayushka Ayusi
Azzlee Baaby Babloos Badraveni Bagayshree
Baheej Bahwhee Bai Baks Bakshanda
Bakuljain Balmeet Balmurti Banasmita Bandhan
Bandinish Baneesha Banker Banveet Baqa
Barabin Barakha Barnnali Barti Basanth
Baseer Bashma Bashni Batsion Bawana
Beaubee Bedarata Bedayetree Bedi Beheroze
Bejun Bellarani Belove Benafshah Benseena
Benzyln Berel Berli Beryleen Beualh
Bh Bhaav Bhaavni Bhaavya Bhabya
Bhaimi Bhalinder Bhanu-Reha Bhanushri Bhanusree


 Important Note  
on Choosing Baby Names!!

Do not choose a baby first name based on these short name descriptions. Your baby's name must be in harmony with:

  • your baby's birthdate (inner potential)
  • and your family's surname (last name)

It is essential that you understand the qualities of your family name. Before you make the critical decision on your child's name, explore our on-line service options, or:

Call us toll-free in North America at:

      (outside of North America use 604-263-9551)

for full information on our Baby Balanced Name Recommendation Service or visit our baby name page and read the extensive FAQ listing.


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