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Male African First Names / Nicknames / Cybernames
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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaliyah Aba Ababajoni Abakada Abanobi
Abaronye Abas Abasi Abasi Abasse
Abate Abay Abayghur Abayo Abayomi
Abayomi Abazu Abazza Abba Abbakha
Abbas Abbas Abbo Abboud Abdalla
Abdalla Abdallah Abdallah Abdallah Abdel
Abdelahi Abdelatif Abdelgadir Abdeljilil Abdi
Abdikarim Abdisamad Abdou Abdoulaye Abdoulaye
Abdu Abdul Abdulkalam Abdullah Abdullah
Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Abdulrasaq Abe
Abeba Abebe Abebe Abeeku Abegunde
Abeid Abejide Abena Abena Abera
Aberashid Abesari Abi Abi Abia
Abiade Abiba Abiba Abibu Abidemi
Abidemi Abidin Abidin Abigaba Abila
Abimbola Abimbola Abiodun Abiola Abiona
Abioye Abla Abla Abosi Aboud
Aboulaye Aboyowa Abrafo Abrefa Abruri
Ab-Sekin Ab-Skin Abu Abua Abubakar
Abubakar Abunery Abyomi Abysai Abyssinia
Achan Achebe Achebe Achenafi Acholam
Achufusi Acku Acobo Acyl Ada
Adal Adali Adama Adama Adamma
Adamou Adan Adande Adaobi Addae
Adddaryll Addisu Addy Ade Ade
Adebayo Adeben Adebola Adebola Adebowale
Adedoyin Adegbenga Adegboye Adejimi Adejola
Adekpey Adelaja Adelan Adeleke Adelkria
Adelle Adem Aden Adenugba Adeogun
Adeola Adergazoz Adergazuz Adero Adesanya
Adeshola Adesina Adesoji Adesola Adetokunbo
Adetoyese Adetula Adewunmi Adeyemi Adeyemi
Adhane Adhanom Adherbal Adia Adiel
Adiel Adigun Adika Adila Adila
Adina Adina Adinew Adio Adirizak
Adisa Adita Adjan Adjani Adjoa
Adjoa Adjua Adjua Adlan Admassu
Admer Ado Adofo Adoka Adom
Adoniyas Adoufa Adoum Adriko Adrir
Adu Adugna Adum Adunbi Adusa
Adutwum Adwin Adwin Adwoa Adwoa
Adzo Adzo Af Afaghis Afalawas
Afalku Afam Afamefula Afellan Afetonyo
Afework Afeworki Afi Afi Afiba
Afify Aflalo Afolabi Afram Afrey
Afrio Afriye Afroam-M Afutu Agaba
Agaja Agama Agamon Agayu Agbedaon
Agbeko Agbolade Agdada Agdun Agellid
Aggur Aghali Aghecher Aghilas Ago
Ago Agreepa Agu Agyeman Agyemang
Ahamatu Ahamefule Ahimidiwe Ahipo Ahkil
Ahlam Ahmad Ahmadou Ahmadu Ahmat
Ahmed Ahmed-Khan Ahmmed Aho Aho
Ahonya Ahoto Ahungena Ahurole Aida
Aifell Aimalohi Aina Aina Aisha
Aitafo Aitarel Aiyetoro Aiyetoro Aiyka
Ajahn Ajala Ajane Ajani Ajany
Ajayi Ajayi Ajdir Ajeder Ajene
Ajibayo Ajihad Ajjan Ajo Ajo
Ajofia Ajoke Ajoke Ajorde Ajua
Ajua Ajulu Ajuma Ajunee Ajzsa
Akabueze Akaday Akalaka Akama Akamafula
Akanidad Akanni Akano Akano Akapelwa
Akari Akatelaji Akawel Akayeti Akayyo
Akeiba Akello Akere Akerele Akeremale
Akhona Akhona Aki Akiba Akieme
Akiki Akil Akila Akilah Akili
Akilimali Akim Akimba Akin Akinade
Akini Akiniah Akinlabi Akinlana Akinremi
Akins Akinsanya Akinsheye Akintola Akintunde
Akintunde Akintunje Akinwole Akinwumi Akinwunmi
Akinyemi Akli Aklilu Akna Ako
Akobundu Akoma Akono Akorakor Akpelu
Akpoveta Akrama Akshay Aku Aku
Akua Akua Akuansa Akuffo Akuffo
Akugbe Akukalia Akuna Akutla Akwasi
Akwete Akwete Akwetee Akweteh Akzer
Alaba Alaba Alade Alafin Alaf-Kwame
Alake Alake Alamayu Alami Alana
Alara Alarbi Alassane Albassa Albertrum
Alechenu Aleer Alem Alemayehe Alemayehu
Alemayyehu Alemu Alestzia Alfayo Alginon
Alhaji Alheib Ali Ali Alica
Alika Alike Aliki Alili Alimany
Alimayu Alioune Alisafi Alkroy Allam
Alland Allby Allih Almame Almaz
Alozie Alpha Alphayo Altimond Altrimo
Aluna Alusine Aly Alyejjah Ama
Ama Amachi Amadi Amadi Amadi
Amaechi Amaka Amakai Amakai Amaku
Amakwei Amal Amal Amalai Amalei
Amalinze Aman Amanambu Amandla Amandla
Amani Amani Amara Amara Amastan
Amate Amatefe Amatei Amattaken Amawal
Amayas Amazu Amazuz Amazuz Ambador
Ambakisye Ambe Ambe Ambessa Ambo
Ambonisye Ambuga Amdegh Amdissa Amduka
Amecca Amechi Amechi Amechi Amechi
Ameh Amellal Amellal Ameng Ameng
Amennay Amente Amenzu Amerika Amerteifio


 Important Note  
on Choosing Baby Names!!

Do not choose a baby first name based on these short name descriptions. Your baby's name must be in harmony with:

  • your baby's birthdate (inner potential)
  • and your family's surname (last name)

It is essential that you understand the qualities of your family name. Before you make the critical decision on your child's name, explore our on-line service options, or:

Call us toll-free in North America at:

      (outside of North America use 604-263-9551)

for full information on our Baby Balanced Name Recommendation Service or visit our baby name page and read the extensive FAQ listing.


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