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The name of Chanthanu gives you a very inquisitive, restless, seeking nature. You feel impelled by ... Is the name of Chanthanu helping or hurting you? For an analysis of all your names and destiny, see our free Name and Birth Date Report service for further details.

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The name Chanthanu gives you an inquisitive, restless, seeking nature. You feel impelled by intense desires that you cannot comprehend or satisfy. You have had the ideal, especially early in life, to accomplish something outstanding and to do something very worthwhile for humanity. Although you have a versatile, clever, analytical mind, unfortunately you cannot direct your interest toward an undertaking for long, as you do not have the patience and practicality for systematic hard work and attention to detail. You resent obstacles, delays, and restrictions. This name gives you ambition, high ideals, and much creative ability, but your intense dynamic nature is too often involved in feelings and in moods, rather than in constructive action. You desire to be your own boss, yet you find it difficult to stabilize your life and settle down and be accumulative. Your feelings swing from optimism to pessimism. When conditions are favourable and you are in a good frame of mind, you are generous, courteous, considerate, and thoughtful toward others. On the other hand, you can be cynical and caustic, and you subject those around you to outbursts of temper and moods of self pity. Your home life particularly would suffer. You have an appreciation for refinement and the better things in life such as art, music, and literature. You can express a very friendly, debonair personality to strangers that invariably makes a favourable impression. Because of your high strung, temperamental nature, you find you must wage a continual fight with yourself to control your lower nature. It has been your experience that once you lose control to indulgent habits, for example smoking or drinking, or to emotional outbursts, it is difficult to regain control. When in an overwrought state, you are subject to premonitions and uncontrolled thoughts that may lead to impulsive acts that you may later regret. You could be affected in the health through a sensitive solar plexus and nervous system. Nervous disorders, nervous indigestion, and stomach ulcers are likely to appear.

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Whether your inner potential fully expresses depends upon the names you use!

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