The Wheel of Life

The Kabalarian emblem is the symbol of life in mathematical form.

The circle symbolizes the spirit of God in geometrical form: the circle represents God as yet unmanifest-the circle being without beginning or end.

To produce life, God the spirit must take form. The numbers on the wheel of life represent God in many divisions and graduations of life. Thus geometrically the circle is the zero in which the unmanifest form is contained. The inner circle in the centre is the seed or starting point of life, the motivating power from which all life starts. It is the symbol of the round nucleus, as yet showing no particular species, colour, and odour, but containing within it its distinct manifest form of life; so in life there is God the Unknowable-the universal power. Through the breath of life, God comes into manifest form, and from the nucleus or seed or centre of the circle, God takes form-naturally starting with 1 and graduating in mathematical degrees to 9. Contained within the power of 9 are all the lesser degrees from 1 to 9, which, when totalled, reduce to 9. This is the symbol of "all inclusive," mathematically and geometrically. So is God, the universal power, all inclusive. So we have in our symbol, the circle, the seed or nucleus, and the evolutionary degrees from 1 to 9.

God is unknowable until he becomes form and as God cannot become form without descending into individual manifestations of life, the geometrics are the coming into form of God and must necessarily be the only exact means through which man can understand himself, life, or the Plan of God. Thus is God the Great Geometrician. Thus our Kabalarian symbol is the geometrical pattern of God the Principle. The circle is the centre or nucleus; the nine initiations upon the wheel of life are basically the principle of thirds, nine divided equally, the equality also symbolizing harmony and balance.

Alfred J. Parker - Founder (1897-1964)

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