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Free Business Name Analysis Service

To Enter Your Request Correctly:

  • Please give the exact name of your business as it appears on the registration documents or on your bank account. If the company is incorporated, include the incorporation ending exactly as it appears. Example: "Incorporated" or "Inc.", "Limited" or "Ltd."
  • The analysis is given for a business name using the English alphabet. If your business name is based on a language other than English please include the alphabet and identify the letters used as vowels.
  • If the company is very large, it may not be registered under the name by which it is known. In this case the analysis will be only partially accurate.
  • This service analyses an existing or potential business name. It does not offer suggestions. Please do not submit words such as Technology, Construction, Inport/Export. etc. as they cannot be used in any country as the name of a business.

This service is becoming increasingly busy. Unfortunately, there is now a 1 to 2 week response time in replying. We regret that only one of your requests can be answered each time. For additional choices or a faster reply see the "Do You Need More Than One Name Analyzed?" section below.

SPECIAL NOTICE: If you do not receive your analysis check your spam blockers. Please whitelist our email address of: in your spam program to ensure you will receive your business name analysis.

Please complete all of the following required fields:

Your business name:


Do not enter a general category such as: "Engineering", "Import/Export", "Technology" etc.

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Email where you want your analysis sent:

This service will only analyze the energy of the specific name you are considering for a new business or for the name of an existing business. If you would like help in finding a name for your business or need to change an existing name please email directly to for information on our Business Package.

Do You Need More Than One Name Analyzed?

Our Free Brief Analysis Service may take up to 3 weeks and will not respond to multiple requests. We have added a special service to accommodate those wishing to submit several names for analysis and receive a guaranteed reply within 3 business days.

  • We have a separate service where you can request up to 6 Business Name Analyses for a fee of $89.
  • We guarantee a response within 3 business days.

Click here for details on this service.

If you prefer you can call us toll free at 866-489-1188.

To contact us:

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