The Kabalarian Philosophy: A Complete Guide to Life

The Kabalarian Philosophy offers a complete guide to life—a blueprint to human existence sought since consciousness began. It is the culmination of thousands of years of intellectual thought that offers a broad perspective of life through a harmony of Eastern philosophy and Western science and practicality. It takes the universal concept of mathematics to develop a complete understanding of mind, health and cycles of time.

At its essence, the Kabalarian Philosophy is the dissemination of the wisdom of life, a scientific, practical knowledge based upon definite laws clearly understandable and applicable, teaching one's relationship to the two basic laws of life—mathematics and language—and teaching how everyone can benefit through this wisdom. Unlike other perspectives of life, the Kabalarian Philosophy offers practical answers.

Of course, there are many benefits to a study of the Kabalarian Philosophy. Most fall under the heading of a greater understanding of life from a pragmatic and spiritual point of view. With greater understanding, naturally comes greater individual control of one's life, which inevitably leads to personal success and happiness—two goals that are too worthy to ignore.

As a new student of the Philosophy, the first noticeable benefits surround a complete understanding of mind, time and health.

Understanding Mind

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that mind and language are intimately linked. Of course, this is not a concept unique to the Philosophy. Communication theorists and anthropologists have understood for some time that mind and language co-developed and are inseparable phenomena. What is unique to the Philosophy is the teaching that the quality of one's mind—thoughts, desires, opinions, likes, dislikes, reactions—can be measured by the linking of the most personal form of language, one's name, to mathematics.

When language is used to attach a name to someone this creates the basis of mind, from which all thoughts and experiences flow. By representing the conscious forces combined in your name as a mathematical formula, ones' specific mental characteristics, strengths and weaknesses can be measured.

For example, this is why people with the name of Barbara or Glenn are reflective, thoughtful, secretive and serious. Diana or Sarah is a diplomatic, passive, idealistic and sensitive person. Betty or Jim is an ambitious, restless, promotional and analytical person.

With an understanding of the basic principles of language and mathematics, the characteristics of any name can be calculated to reveal the mind of that person.

With an understanding of mind comes many benefits. Possibly for the first time, an individual may be able to explain why they think the way they do or are drawn into certain experiences. It allows a greater understanding of other people that will encourage better communication and empathy.

Most importantly, an understanding of mind allows one to see the source of one's success or failure. A name that encourages balance with one's inner purpose is an open door to happiness and fulfillment, but a name that encourages discord does just the opposite. Fortunately, it is proven that a change in name leads to a change in one's mind, and, with a knowledge of the Kabalarian Philosophy, that change can be for the best.

Understanding Time

Since Biblical times, people have recognized patterns of time. The Scripture says that there is "a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted," (Ecclesiastes 3:2). Economists understand that business runs in a regular cycle that appears to follow an “S” curve. Even the average person on the street can be heard to say that a successful person "just seemed to be at the right place at the right time."

The Kabalarian Philosophy is unique in that it recognizes these cycles of time and applies the mathematical principle to measure and predict its quality during any given period. There are specific times to start projects, encourage growth and reap the rewards of success, and the Kabalarian Philosophy teaches how to calculate one's own personal cycle to determine which cycle they are currently experiencing and will experience in the future.

The law of cycles applies to business and personal life. It affects relationships and influences one's own thinking. With an understanding of time through cycles, one can work with cycles to create successful projects and minimize frustration. Of course, if one ignores cycles and works against, or in ignorance of, them then failure is surely around the corner. It is the same as if a farmer were to plan a crop in autumn instead of spring; nothing will grow.

Understanding time (or cycles) will give greater control over one's life by illuminating the natural patterns that affect us all. The knowledge and use of cycles will allow anyone to achieve the successes they deserve.

Understanding Health

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that the physical body is the instrument for the expression of the conscious forces of life, and so stresses the importance of a moderate vegetarian diet, emotional control and physical fitness through exercise and deep breathing. The Kabalarian perspective of healthy living is a tested amalgamation of many Eastern practices that have been in use by healthy people for centuries.

While the food one eats has an obvious impact on well-being, one's mental state also directly affects health. Should an imbalance occur in one's thinking, a corresponding imbalance will occur in the body. As a change of name can create a balanced mind, it also can create an opportunity for balanced health free of reoccurring disease and physical infirmity.

The benefits to understanding the mechanics of a healthy lifestyle are obvious. By understanding health, one can understand what it means to be well and how to get there.

A New Beginning

The Kabalarian Philosophy offers a lifetime of study that cannot be matched. Within it are the keys to a healthy, happy life for which one can take personal control and ownership. It offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore individual human potential to its furthest limits and bring humanity to a point of unsurpassed harmony and unified success—A complete guide to life.

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