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Is Your Name Right For You?
Free Name and Birth Date Report

Welcome to a new discovery how your names create your life, your personality, your likes and dislikes, your ideals, and the conditions and experiences you will attract.

Your free Name and Birth Date Report will explain the impact your names have from your:

  • first name
  • last name
  • combined names
  • legal names
  • business signatures
  • nickname
  • life purpose and inner potential measured from your date of birth
  • destiny summary

Your report will be emailed to you as a link to a PDF document within 5 minutes. This is a free service provided by the Society of Kabalarians.

For over 90 years, the Kabalarian Philosophy has been helping people like you to understand the powerful energies that are contained in names and how adverse conditions can be changed. We offer you a free Name and Birth Date Report so that you can see firsthand how your qualities have created your thinking and the conditions in your life. Adverse conditions can be changed. You may want to take advantage of our paid Balance Name Recommendation services. Life can be amazingly beautiful and happy when you realize what is holding you back and how you can break the barriers to find the complete expression of your true life's purpose.

Privacy of Your Names, Birth Date, and Email

We know you are trusting us with your personal information. We take this responsibility very seriously. Your name and birth date information is kept totally confidential and is used only in preparing your Name and Birth Date Analysis. The Society of Kabalarians does not sell, trade, exchange, disclose, or distribute your personal information or email address in any way whatsoever. If you are under 18 be sure to obtain your parent(s) or guardian(s) permission before you send any personal information to us.

The information you send us is sent in an encrypted form over a secure internet connection to our server and is totally protected. [Full Privacy and Security Policy]

Why is this Name and Birthdate Report Free?

The Name Report is free so you can prove the validity of the Kabalarian principles and to introduce you to our Balanced Name Recommendation service and on-line learning programs.


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Very Important Notes on Entering Data

Enter only the actual name requested in the boxes below. Do not enter explanatory notes after the name or multiple names in one box or they will be analyzed as part of the name:

Correct     Legal First Name:   Mike
IncorrectLegal First Name:   Mike (only at work)
IncorrectLegal First Name:   Mike or Michael


Middle Names

Middle names do not affect your personality unless you are called by a middle name. If you do use your middle name in your business signature it would affect your business conditions.
If you have a middle name and are called by that name, put it in as a Most Used Name as well so it can be analyzed with your surname.
In each box only put in a single name unless it is a combined name such as in a hyphenated last name, i.e. Johnson-Brown.

Foreign Alphabet Characters

Names are analyzed using the 26-character English alphabet (A to Z). Any foreign characters or accented characters will not be analyzed properly. Call the office at 866-489-1188 for further clarification.

Some examples of unacceptable characters:

      Ç ü é â ä à å ç ê ë è ï î ì Ä Å É ö ò û ù ÿ Ö Ü

You can only type in:

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (UPPPER or lower case)
plus hyphens (==> - <==), single apostrophes (==> ' <==), and periods.

We Are Here To Help

Kabalarian Staff We thank you for your interest and we look forward to talking with you further about the Kabalarian Philosophy after you have read your Name and Birth Date Analysis. If you require further assistance, please call our head office at our toll free number of 1-866-489-1188 (or 604-263-9551 outside of North America) or email us at

Order Form - Name and Birth Date Report

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Gender:    Male Female   
First Name:
Last Name:
Birth Date:
Birth Year:
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Where to Email Your Report:

This section is optional
but completing any names
which apply to you will
increase the accuracy
detail of the analysis.

Legal First Name:    
Legal Last

Nicknames: #1

(Enter the initials
and/or names in
your most used
#1: John Smith
#2: J Smith

Middle Name #1:    
Middle Name #2:    

Other First Name:
Other Last Name:
First Name at birth:
(if different from
your current name)

Last Name at birth:

Future First Name:
(being considered)

Future Last Name:

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