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How is Personality Linked to Our Names?

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that the names we use create specific and predictable thinking patterns which we might interpret as our personality. But the mathematical pattern of these names also influences the overall environment and conditions in our life. If you have not already done so, get your own free Name and Birthdate Report at the conclusion of this article for a detailed overview of how your names are influencing your life.

The overall conditions represent the combined influences of both names that we are using. We call this the Destiny number.

A destiny number influences our interests and occupation, our financial state, our type of associates, and our stability or instability in the business world. Obviously this is an important influence! We would say that there are two destiny numbers that are balanced influences, and seven that are going to restrict us in some way.

A balanced destiny number creates personal and financial stability, accumulative and stable conditions, and responsible positions in any occupation or career we choose. An unbalanced destiny has very specific limitations which we will summarize shortly.

Because the destiny number is the total of both names, some unbalanced names will create a balanced destiny, offsetting some of the challenges of the unbalanced names. But the ideal is to have both names fully balanced which will create an overall balanced destiny influence.

Some people have been given a mathematically balanced first name by sheer luck. But it is combined with an unbalanced surname that creates a destructive overall destiny influence. Others may have the benefit of a balanced surname but their personal name creates the restrictions and the destructive destiny influence. Others might have moderately balanced names but the combined total can create the destructive destiny influence.

What are some of these destructive destiny influences? Some combined names create pioneering conditions where success is elusive. Other names combine to create conditions where we are subordinate to others no matter how talented we are. Other combined names create a life that is fortunate but unstable. Others create a life of hard work with little to show for it. Others combine to create bitter disappointments with others. Other names combine to create financial and personal losses where one is forced to give more than one gets.

Although all these conditions can be blamed on other factors, because we can predict these conditions from the names analyzed in the Name and Birthdate Report, it shows that the combined names are the basic cause of these conditions.

When we change to balanced names, we experience a change in our thinking in short order. Over time, the balanced names with the balanced destiny will improve the conditions we attract in our life. If we were intense and high-strung, we become more relaxed and balanced. If we were emotionally volatile, we become more stable and mild. If we were passive and lacking confidence, we become more assertive and confident. As our thinking becomes more balanced, our life becomes more stable and accumulative.

Balanced names are the most fundamental change we can make to improve our life. Once the legal change is made, constructive changes in our thinking will unfold. A happier and more stable life is the natural outcome of using balanced names consistently.

If you look deeper into this Philosophy, you will recognize that your personality is the natural outgrowth of the mathematical formulas of your names. Test it out and be prepared to be amazed!

The link between human intelligence, mind, language, and the order of the letters in the alphabet is the key to measuring human mind and solving the major problem of mental discord and imbalance.

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