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Cycle Management Training

In Cycle Management Training, you will apply mathematics to time to discover how your birth date determines not only your true purpose in life, but the pathway nature intends you to follow to achieve your goals and ambitions in a most harmonious and natural way through the law of cycles.

Awareness of these cyclical influences over your thoughts, actions, and emotions can be a huge help in conducting your daily affairs. Life unfolds in patterns--in cycles of challenge, opportunity, and retrenchment. You will understand the cycles unique to you.

Experience the harmony and confidence of knowing at last you have the tools, resources, and motivation to achieve greater harmony, balance, and success in both your personal and business lives.

Knowing your personal cycle will reveal the steps of progress you can apply to bring about your success.

We will share with you:

  • the reasons why your thoughts and experiences fluctuate from day to day
  • how to calculate your personal cycle and understand how to use the quality of time to advantage
  • how you can maximize your daily efforts through an understanding of cycle years, days, and hours
  • how to use time more effectively in achieving greater success in your business efforts
  • how to work with others by using cycles to create the best outcome to everyone

Course Prerequisite

Life Analysis Training

You will receive:


    - 8 comprehensive online video classes from a live course
    - each class can be downloaded as an MP3 audio file for offline listening
    - written reference material to further your knowledge from the video classes
    - listen and read a your own pace

    - each class has a workbook which will help you follow through the video classes
    - each class has work groups for you to test your knowledge
    - work groups can be submitted online to your assistant
Assistant Mentoring

    - personal assistance and support for your work groups and questions
    - mentoring by email or phone
Record of Completion

    - sent to you on completion of course

Learn at your own pace. Study in your own time in the convenience of your home.

Course Fee

The course fee is $195.

Plan for Success Today

Knowing your cycles allows you to plan constructively and to make your life a masterpiece of progress and success.

Best regards,

Garett Hennigan
Student Support Services
Society of Kabalarians

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