The Kabalarian Philosophy is dedicated to share with all humanity the understanding of the natural laws of life which, if constructively applied, can create and maintain a harmonious balance between the physical body, the mind, and the universal spiritual life force within, which is a part of all forms of existence.

It teaches the relationship of Universal Reason to life, how the power of Reason becomes involved in life, and how human individuality is created through the relationship of mathematics, date of birth, language, name, and mind. Such understanding gives all people the knowledge and opportunity to create and control their own destiny, to establish good health, a constructive free mind, happiness, and to have the privilege of developing their spiritual potential to achieve individual conscious fulfilment.

The Society of Kabalarians of Canada is a charitable, philosophical organization assisting the community through charitable efforts both humanistic and financial. It presents activities for the public ranging from musicals, craft fairs, art shows, lectures, classes, consultations, and general information presentations.

Products and services of the Kabalarian Philosophy include the Name Report, Balanced Name Recommendation, consultations, and seminars and class instruction of a philosophical nature.

Our philosophy is universal; our essence, love is understanding, and our objective, happiness and mental freedom for all.

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