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Personality Created by Our Names versus Our Inner Nature

Although the Kabalarian Philosophy recognizes that our names create our personality, it also teaches that we can use the Mathematical Principle to measure our inner nature through the month, date, and year of our birth. What is the relationship between this inner nature and the mental traits created by our names and understood as our personality?

To discuss this, a few definitions are in order. The month, date, and year represent a mathematical measurement of time when we took our first breath and activated our connection to life. As long as we keep breathing, we maintain that connection to life. When we apply the Mathematical Principle to the calendar measurement of our birth, we discover the mathematical qualities that are intrinsically linked to us throughout our life. These mathematical qualities represent a conscious potential to develop during our lifetime. We call this measurement the birthpath.

Each of the units of measurement, month, date, and year, have their specific influence but the total of all three reduced to a single digit represent a path in life we should consciously develop. Unfortunately, most people remain unaware of this inner potential. For those of you who have received the free Name and Birthdate Report already, you have already read a summary of your birthpath. (For those of you who have not received this report, there is a submission form at the conclusion of this article.)

But mind is not seeded into the newborn. The mind is created by the names the parents have chosen and attached to the baby. We can think of names as that part of the language that we have identified with that individual. Over time, as the baby develops, these names play a significant role in shaping their personality.

So we have two distinct measurements. The inner nature created by the calendar measurement of the birth and the outer nature or personality created by the names. What is the relationship? We say the birthpath inclines, but the names compel. The names can be translated into name formulas which will describe both the mental qualities that the person is tuned to and the mental qualities through which they express irrespective of their inner nature.

To understand how the names can restrict the inner nature, we have to discuss the mathematical nature of names. Names can be mathematically balanced or mathematically unbalanced. Unbalanced names can create very intelligent minds but their names have an internal disharmony. An unbalanced name has nothing to do with the term of being mentally unbalanced which is a deranged state of mind. But it does mean that an unbalanced name is restricted mathematically and cannot properly express its full conscious potential.

An example might make this point clearer. The name of Peter creates a very independent mind, where they can be positive in their opinions, determined and persevering in their efforts. Although there are many fine qualities in this name, we would consider it an unbalanced name. The weaknesses of this name are that they lack tact being prone to being argumentative, sarcastic, candid, and blunt. They lack verbal expression and tend to be very self-centered and selfish. This name will create health problems in the head such as poor eyesight, sinus troubles, headaches, loss of hair, poor teeth, or ear and throat trouble.

If their inner nature, as measured by their birthdate, was to understand the heart and mind of others so as to create harmony and cooperation, we can see how the compelling qualities of the name will override the inclination of the birthpath to create harmony and peace, minimizing conflicts. As mentioned earlier, the name is the compelling force, creating the mental makeup. The birthpath only inclines; being an inner potential that should be developed consciously.

What names allow this inner nature a proper development? Balanced names are names that are intrinsically balanced and will allow any birthpath a natural expression. Of course, because most people are unaware of this principle, unbalanced names are the norm in society today. In many cultures in the past, the importance of the naming ceremony indicated that this wisdom may have been better understood.

We can think of the birthpath as a universal quality of Consciousness that is seeded within us. It is something that must be cultivated into a constructive power through an understanding of principles of mind. To apply these principles, a balanced name can be an important first step. But becoming more aware of the laws of mental evolution as taught in the Kabalarian Philosophy will give you greater insight into this important topic.

If you have not applied for your free detailed Name Report to understand how your specific names are related to your inner potential, here is form. We look forward to your comments after reading the report.

The link between human intelligence, mind, language, and the order of the letters in the alphabet is the key to measuring human mind and solving the major problem of mental discord and imbalance.

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