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Link Between Our Name / Personality and Our Health Weaknesses

Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that our names, when reduced to their name formulas, create the mental patterns that we understand as our personality. Some names create gregarious and extroverted personalities whereas others create quiet introverts. Some names create responsible and serious mental qualities, and others create emotional and volatile qualities. The free Name and Birthdate Report is the simplest method of testing this theory on your own set of names. It predicts your mental traits which make up your personality. But the Report outlines your health weaknesses as well. What is the relationship between our personality traits described in the Name and Birthdate Report and our health weaknesses? How is the Report able to predict health challenges with such surprising accuracy?

Let us assume you have reviewed your Name and Birthdate Report already. (If you have not, why not? It is free and readily available on this website here). We consider the mathematical properties of our names as the tuning mechanism for many qualities of our thinking. Because some names are not mathematically balanced, they create tensions relative to those mental qualities. The more unbalanced the names, the greater the tendency to specific health weaknesses.

Let’s consider an example. Terry, Brent, and Kent are all names that create mental intensity. They have many fine qualities; being clever, quick-minded, analytical, and ambitious. But their name makes them intense and highly strung. They cannot relax and they go until they wear themselves out. They cannot stand to be thwarted, and little things can get blown out of proportion and they lose their temper to get it off their chest. They will get moody and depressed and even consider suicide when their emotions overwhelms their reason. This nervous tension centers in the solar plexus which creates nervous indigestion, ulcers, nausea and vomiting. Their health weaknesses are created by their unbalanced thinking and the emotional intensities of their mental makeup.

The truth is that most of us were given unbalanced names. Unless our parents acted upon the balanced name advice of the Kabalarian Philosophy, either our first name, our surname, or total of these combined names would create mathematical imbalances that will be reflected into our physical body as tensions.

Because each mathematical quality has a relative physical system, when that quality is expressed in an unbalanced way, that particular physical system will reflect the tension. It is generally acknowledged that the body will respond to the mind. With the Kabalarian Philosophy’s unique insight into the mathematical qualities of mind, health weaknesses are predictable based upon the physical tensions that will reflect the predictable mental tensions of the unbalanced names used.

There are many physical laws that will improve health that we teach in our Healthy Living online training, but the balance in the names is the fundamental mental law that must be addressed if we want to re-establish vital health. One can have the best organic diet, the optimum physical exercise, follow deep-breathing exercises, and practice a balanced lifestyle, but without a balanced name, we still have a fundamental mental tension that physical regimes do not address.

One of the benefits of using balanced names is that it reflects into our physical body very quickly. We see this with youngsters who are given balanced names. The changes are quickly reflected in their face, their attitudes, and their personality.

Health is something we take for granted when we have it. We can consider lack of health as the effect of a specific cause. The single most important step to re-establish health is to look for the cause and correct that. The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that the names we use are the basic cause for our many constructive mental strengths and our destructive mental weaknesses that make up our personality. As we become more aware of how the expression of our weaknesses create physical tensions in predictable ways, the more we can rectify the basic cause. A balanced name is an important step in alleviating any health weakness.

The link between human intelligence, mind, language, and the order of the letters in the alphabet is the key to measuring human mind and solving the major problem of mental discord and imbalance.

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