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The name of Caliboso indicates you are a patient, meticulous person who enjoys working in a very det... Is the name of Caliboso helping or hurting you? For an analysis of all your names and destiny, see our free Name and Birth Date Report service for further details.

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The name of Caliboso indicates you are a patient, meticulous person who enjoys working in a detailed, systematic way such as with mathematics, science, mechanics, computers, or engineering. You do your best work when there is no disruption as you do not easily adjust to interference and changes once you start a project; also you like to work step by step at your own speed. Your infinite patience has allowed you to develop intricate, involved skills to perfection. However, it is not easy for others to work and live with you as you deliberate too long in arriving at conclusions and allow small details to restrict your point of view. You often feel burdened with work as you worry about details out of proportion to their importance. A general pessimism does not allow you to have vision, optimism, and inspiration. Neither spontaneous nor responsive, you need time to think and plan your actions and dislike changing a pattern of living that is comfortable to you. Accordingly there could be much monotony in your life as you rarely have the ambition and confidence to make changes of any importance. You have a traditional and conservative outlook to almost everything: your affairs are planned carefully and you save methodically and cautiously. You dislike replacing anything that can be repaired. Eating and other physical pleasures are a great source of satisfaction. Over indulgence could cause stomach or intestinal disorders, growths, arthritis or rheumatism; starchy foods would cause your body to be heavy, sluggish, and overweight.

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Caliboso, you have a unique inner potential. With your first breath, a spiritual essence and purpose became a part of you, gave you life, and activated your physical growth.

Your particular date of birth determines your unique core purpose, the reason for your life, and the pathway you should follow for ultimate happiness.

Whether your inner potential fully expresses depends upon the names you use!

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