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Updated December 7, 2021

The name of Olumiji has given you a strong desire for success and ... All names are not equal. Olumiji, the names you use create your life experiences. Find out how the meaning of Olumiji and the energy of your name have shaped your life. Request a Free Name Report.

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  • The name of Olumiji has given you a strong desire for success and all the amenities of affluence.
  • You pursue your undertakings on a grand scale, based on your business acumen and ability to visualize an overall plan.
  • Your enthusiasm, aggressiveness, and salesmanship are often sufficient to bring about fulfillment of your ambitions.
  • However, in the attempt to impress others with the scope of your success, you can over-extend your resources to the point that you have inadequate means to cover your basic expenses.
  • There are times when you would be advised to start in a smaller way, and gradually reach your desired level of success through perseverance, patience, and attention to details.
  • When things are going well, you have a generous, magnanimous nature, ready to offer support and assistance to others.
  • When under stress, you can become overbearing and belittling in your attitude to others, and inclined to express sarcasm and temper.
  • Should you become too inwardly focussed on your own world of personal relationships or material possessions, you could suffer disappointments with those close to you, unfulfilled ideals, or material losses.

Olumiji - Detailed Meaning

Due to the influence of the name Olumiji you are ambitious and visionary. You try to be fair in your dealings as you desire to be impartial and just with everyone. Because of the materialistic world in which we live, however, your urge to be competitive could be a strong distraction from your higher humanitarian ideals.
You are good at whatever you put your mind to. You tend to specialize, are creative and clever, and take pride in your work. You make friends easily with all types of people. As long as everything is going your way, you are spontaneous, good natured, and generous, although success could also tend to make you arrogant and boastful.

There is a tendency to be overbearing, disregarding the feelings and opinions of others, or being critical of those you consider less ambitious. You like to surround yourself with material comforts and a high standard of living. The appearance of success is important to you to the point that you forsake your immediate needs and responsibilities in order to spend to impress others.

In business you think on a broad scale and want to start at the top rather than gradually working your way up with patience and perseverance as you learn the ropes. Much of your success is due to enthusiasm, optimism, and salesmanship but, if the foundation is not strong, your big ideas might not materialize and would cause you to become bitter. If you have over estimated your resources and find you cannot fulfil your promises, you may resort to imaginative schemes rather than to admit failure.

You are inclined to demonstrate your love for those in your care by striving to provide financial security, but fall short in expressing appreciation through the little thoughtful gestures that mean so much in building relationships, especially with those who are more inspirational.

Weaknesses in your health could centre in your nervous system or generative organs, intensified by emotional indulgence or over eating of rich foods.

Health Analysis

  • Health weaknesses centre in the generative organs or appear as general nervous tension.

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