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The Kabalarian Philosophy documents the powerful influence of names and offers an array of services and educational resources to understand their meaning, harness their power, and help you fulfill your life's calling.

Instant Name Analysis

What does your given name mean? Is it hurting you? Helping you? Get a quick evaluation of your name or a potential baby name…right now.

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Order a Free Detailed Name Birth Date Report

Get a multi-page analysis of your full name, nicknames, business signature and birth date, which determines your birthpath or natural purpose in life.

You will also receive career and compatibility suggestions. It's invaluable!

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Free Online Course

Try our new free online course which introduces you to the important relationship of name, language, and mathematics.

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Why Names Matter. Watch:

Ready for a name change? We can help.

If you determine your name is holding you back and are considering changing it, our popular Balanced Name Recommendation Service gives you the information and personalized name choices you need to make the right decision. Such an important and essential change in your
life deserves an expert level of support.
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Your baby's name will define who they are. Choose carefully.

What you name your infant boy or girl will have a profound effect on the development of their mind, personality, career path, self-confidence, and much more. Why leave it to chance? Get an instant analysis of first names above. Or even better, our convenient Baby Name Recommendation: Newborn Package offers valuable insights into the meaning of baby names and makes excellent name recommendations.  Learn more...


Naming a business is a critical first step to success.

Just like an individual's name, a business name can be a powerful positive influence…or a drag on performance and morale. The right name conveys to customers immediately the image you want to project, while embodying the energy and confidence you need to succeed. How does your company's moniker rate? Take advantage of our free business name analysis. Learn more...

What exactly is
the Kabalarian Philosophy?

In the late 1930's
Alfred J. Parker founded the Kabalarian Philosophy by applying universal principles of language, logic, and mathematics to establish the paramount importance of names and the critical role they play in our lives. Over the generations, these discoveries have grown into an impressive body of scientific research, wisdom and practical knowledge that can improve every aspect of your life.
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History of the
Kabalarian Philosophy

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And what is the
Society of Kabalarians?

We are a nondenominational, nonjudgmental and easily approachable organization whose sole mission is to provide you the tools you need to live a healthier, more productive and spiritually fulfilling life. Learn more...

Kabalarian Staff

For those wishing to delve more deeply into the principles, practice and benefits
of the Kabalarian Philosophy we offer an array of educational resources:

Course, Seminars, and Online Learning Cycle Charts for Daily Planning eBooks Audio CDs Premium Website Membership


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