Your Birthdate / Birthday / Born on: December 11, 1982

Your birthday (December 11, 1982) creates your inner potential and purpose in life. We call that your birthpath. You are a 7 birthpath.

Find out in a free Name and Birth Date Report whether your names are allowing the full expression of your birthpath.

Description of your 7 Birthpath (Birthdate: December 11, 1982)

Birthdate: December 11, 1982

  • Your role is that of a philosopher and writer, searching for the deeper reasons of life through analysis of form and matter. You have an inherent penchant for the precision of mathematics and science, an intrigue and curiosity for the unexplained and for the mysteries of life. Your purpose is to find and apply the basic principles upon which life and human mind are based, to understand others, and to educate people to a clear, logical interpretation of life. Your executive and mathematical abilities could be combined successfully in business activities, research, science, or education. Within you is a deep appreciation for poetry, music, drama and art, and for nature--the beauty of flowers, the sound of birds, the wind in the trees, sunrises and sunsets--all of which touch your inner quality very deeply.
  • It is important for you to use your natural sensitivity and concentration to seek an understanding of the cause of life, particularly as it expresses in nature and the unfolding cycles of time. You would find peace of mind and contentment free from the stress of living by taking time to enjoy the outdoors, observing and thinking about life. Find time to be alone to think and plan and to write down your thoughts, ideals, and goals. In this way, you would maintain the placidity and clarity of mind required of a thinker and theorist. You could touch the imagination of others through the depth of your knowledge, the refinement of your thoughts, and your mild, gentle treatment of others.
  • While there is an element of reserve in your inner nature, you should strive to work cooperatively with others as you would derive confidence and support from participating with a group. Any tendency toward moodiness, aloofness, and being too easily hurt should be countered by the development of depth of mind, and a thoughtful, magnanimous attitude.

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Your date of birth (December 11, 1982) defines your unique core purpose, the reason for your life. In living your purpose, you will find your greatest happiness, contentment, and success.

Whether your purpose fully expresses depends upon all the names you use, because your names create the basic blueprint of your thinking pattern and reveal your destiny.

Is your name in harmony with your purpose?

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