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Male Polynesian First Names / Nicknames / Cybernames

Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Abary Afa Afa Afei Afei
Afi Afi Afu Afu Afuvale
Afuvale Ahauano Ahauano Ahia Ahia
Ahio Ahio Ahoia Aholelei Aholelei
Aholo Aholo Ahomana Ahomana Ahopomee
Ahopomee Aisake Aisake Akeakemai Akolo
Akolo Akyi Alame Alame Amanaki
Amanaki Asenahana Asenahana Asnar Bermejo
Dvynpdutiv Elili Elili Esela Esene
Esene Exsuperio Fainga Fainga Faipa
Faipa Faiva Faiva Fakapelea Fakapelea
Falakika Falakika Fale Fale Faleaka
Faleaka Fangaloka Fangaloka Fangatua Fangatua
Fanua Fanua Fatafehi Fatuimoana Fatuimoana
Fau Fau Fauiki Fauiki Fautave
Fautave Feesago Feilo Feilo Fekitoa
Fetuu Fetuu Fieliki Fieliki Fihaki
Fihaki Filia Filia Filimoeika Filimoeika
Filisione Fisi Fisi Folau Folau
Fonmanu Fuanileva Fuanileva Fuikefu Fuikefu
Fulehu Fulehu Fusi Fusi Fusileka
Fusileka Hafoka Hafoka Halapolo Halapolo
Halapua Halapua Halatoa Halatoa Havea
Hifo Hifo Hikila Hikila Hikuleo
Hikuleo Hiva Hiva Hola Hola
Holisi Holisi Hopoi Hotaia Hotaia
Huakava Huakava Huluava Huluava Ikale
Ikale Ikamalohi Ikamalohi Iongi Iongi
Iraia Kaho Kaho Kaho Kaho
Kaihau Kaihau Kaihua Kailahi Kailahi
Kakau Kakau Kakla Kakla Kalani
Kalani Kali Kali Kalikau Kalikau
Kalilea Kalilea Kami Kami Kapa
Kapa Kapa Kapa Kapara Katoa
Katoa Kaufana Kaufana Kaumavae Kaumavae
Kefu Kefu Kefu Kefu Kinei
Kinei Klote Klslzirclo Kolomalu Kolomalu
Kulikefu Kulikefu Kurateaka Lafi Lafi
Lahora Langikula Langikula Langilea Langilea
Langiloa Langiloa Latavao Latavao Lauaki
Lauaki Layug Lealiki Lealiki Leisi
Leisi Leni Leni Leo Leo
Leokau Leokau Leopolo Leopolo Lepolo
Lepolo Limu Limu Losaki Losaki
Lou Lou Lu Lu Lulani
Lulani Lulia Lupe Lupe Maana
Maana Maasi Maasi Mafi Mafi
Mafitea Mafitea Mafiuliuli Mafiuliuli Mahanga
Mahanga Maili Maili Makalohi Makalohi
Malama Malama Malani Malie Malie
Malo Malo Manu Manu Manutapu
Manutapu Manutoafa Manutoafa Marfoi Matafeo
Matafeo Matapi Matatia Matolo Matolo
Moko Moko Mounga Mounga Mua
Mua Nauleo Nauleo Niclucan Niutei
Niutei Nola Nukuluve Nukuluve Ofa
Ofa Ondong Opetaia Osileani Osileani
Palaki Palaki Palauni Palauni Palefu
Palefu Pesekava Pesekava Pokoina Poly-M
Poona Posoa Posoa Pua Pua
Puakaeafe Puakaeafe Puakatau Puakatau Pulikeka
Pulikeka Pulupaki Pulupaki Quachil Samani
Samani Sione Siosateki Siua Siua
Taha Taha Tahi Tahi Talaloo
Tanafa Tanafa Tanaki Tanaki Tangaloa
Tangaloa Tararo Taroamiva Taroatehoa Taulaki
Taulaki Tava Tava Tavanni Tinnarow
Toa Toa Toafo Toafo Tohuia
Tohuia Tua Tua Tualau Tualau
Tumangi Tummotoa Uhila Uhila Ulani
Ulani Uluaki Uluaki Upokoina Urenui
Vailea Vailea Vala Vala Valu
Valu Vana Vana Vea Vea
Veamalohi Veamalohi Veatama Veatama Vika


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