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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Aaden Aaid Abernethy Abhainn Abigail
Acair Acaiseid Achaius Ada Adaidh
Adair Adair Adairia Adam Adame
Adamnan Adhamh Adhamhnan Aed Aeneas
Aenghus Aengus Aensland Aethus Affrica
Africa Agata Aggie Agnes Agnew
Ahern Aherne Aibhne Aibne Aidan
Aidan Aideen Aiden Aiden Ail
Aila Ailbeart Ailbert Ailbhe Ailbhe
Ailde Aildrek Ailean Aileen Ailein
Ailen Ailene Aili Aili Ailig
Ailigean Ailill Ailin Ailis Aillig
Aillil Ailpein Ailsa Aindrea Aindreas
Aindrias Aine Ainmire Ainsley Ainsley
Ainslie Airleas Airril Aislin Aisling
Aislinn Akien Akil Akir Akira
Alai Alan Alan Alana Alane
Alasdair Alastair Alastar Alaster Alastrina
Alban Albert Alec Aleck Aleel
Alexander Alexandir Alexandra Alexis Alguine
Algune Alice Alicia Alick Alina
Alisdair Alison Alissa Alistair Alistaire
Alister Allaster Allen Allister Allyn
Aloysius Alphin Alpin Alroy Alva
Alva Alwine Aly Alyce Alysandir
Alyssa Amalgith Ambros Ambrose Amelia
Amer Amery Amhladh Amhlaidh Amhuinn
Amie Amlaibh Amy Amzioha Anamcha
Anamka Anaslis Anderson Andra Andrea
Andreana Andrew Andrew Androu Angaidh
Angel Angela Angus Angus Anla
Anna Annabel Anndra Anndrais Anne
Annie Anny Anraoi Anrothan Anthony
Anvirry Anya Aodh Aodhagan Aodhan
Aogan Aoibhinn Aoidh Aoidhean Aoife
Aonghais Aonghas Aonghasan Aonghus April
Arabella Arailt Archbald Archibald Archie
Archy Arcill Ardal Arfus Argyle
Arlen Arlene Armadal Armstrang Armstrong
Armstrong Arnold Arran Art Artagan
Artain Artair Artan Arter Artgal
Arth Arthur Artis Artur Ashlin
Ashling Atan Athairne Athdar Athdara
Athol Athole Atholl Atholl Audrey
Audy Aulag Aulay Auliffe Austin
Avartack Aveline Aveny Avna Avril
Awley Awliff Awv Ay Aygnockawn
Ayla Aymer Ayrin Ayvar Bac
Badenoch Baen Baigh Baillie Bain
Bairbre Baird Baird Bairre Bairrionn
Baithin Balfour Balgair Balgaire Balloch
Balmoral Balooky Bane Banner Banning
Banquo Baodan Baoithein Barbara Barclay
Barclay Barday Bardon Barhart Barin
Barnaby Barney Barock Barra Barrie
Barry Barter Bartley Batair Batin
Baydan Bazman Beagan Beagen Beak
Bean Bearach Bearchan Bearnard Beatan
Beathan Beatie Beatrice Beatrix Beattie
Beatty Beaty Bebhinn Becky Begley
Beircheart Beisdean Beistan Beiste Beistean
Bel Bell Bella Belle Ben
Benedict Benjamin Benjamin Benneit Bennie
Bernard Bernice Berridge Berryman Bertie
Berwind Bessie Beth Betha Betty
Beval Bevan Bevan Bevin Bhabair
Bhaic Bhaididh Bhaltair Bhatair Bhatar
Bhodan Bhradain Bhraghad Bhreac Bhric
Biast Billean Bin Birk Blain
Blaine Blaine Blair Blair Blaire
Blake Blan Blanche Blane Blaney
Blar Blathan Blavock Blayn Blayne
Boab Boisil Bonnie Bonny Both
Bothain Bothan Bowie Boyd Boyd
Boyne Boyne Braden Brady Bram
Bran Branan Brandubh Brandudh Branduff
Brann Bras Brazil Breac Breandan
Breannan Breas Breasal Brechin Brenda
Brendan Brendanus Brendon Brenna Brennon
Bretton Brian Brian Briana Brianan
Brianna Brice Bridekirk Bridget Brighid
Brigid Broc Broccin Brochan Brocin
Broden Broderic Broderick Brodick Brodie
Brodie Brodric Brodrick Brody Brodyck
Broehain Bronte Bronte Bruce Bruce
Bruic Bruik Brurik Bryce Brycen
Bryceton Bryson Bryston Buchan Buchanan
Buchanan Builidh Buillidh Burke Burns
Busby Cadell Cadhan Caennaig Caerell
Caerid Caerill Cailan Cailbhin Cailea
Cailean Cailin Cailin Caillen Cailte
Cainnaig Cainneach Cainnec Cainnech Cainnech
Cairbre Caireall Cairns Cait Caitlin
Caladh Calan Calbhach Calder Caley
Caley Calhoun Callaghan Callion Callum
Calum Calum Caluman Calvock Cam
Cambeul Camdan Camden Camdin Camdyn
Cameron Cameron Cameron Camhlaidh Camp
Campbell Campbell Camran Camron Camshron
Canice Cannech Canny Cano Caoidhean


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