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Name analysis below is based on the English language

The analysis of the names on our web site is based on the English language alphabet. Names used in a different language and culture where the alphabet has a different order, or a different number of letters, or different symbols, or different vowels or consonants would have a different effect in creating your personality and personal characteristics. The spelling of your name using the English alphabet would have an influence only to the extent of your use of English. Please call us for further information.

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Abbo Abelard Aceline Achila Ada
Adabel Adal Adal Adalard Adalbert
Adalia Adalie Adalina Adaline Adallinda
Adaltrude Addula Adel Adel Adelaide
Adelheid Adelicia Adelina Adeline Adhelle
Adler Adolphine Adoqhina Agila Aiken
Ailsa Aimilfona Aimiliana Aimilionia Alaric
Alarica Alaricia Albert Alberta Alberte
Albertina Albertine Albertine Alcuin Alda
Aldea Aldo Aldrich Aldridge Alex
Alfonsa Alfonso Alfred Alfred Alfreda
Alfrieda Alger Algiana Algiane Alica
Alice Alice Alicea Alicia Alicia
Alina Alina Aline Alisa Alisa
Alison Alison Alissa Alissandre Alithia
Alix Alla Alla Allard Allis
Allison Allison Allys Alodie Alonza
Alonzo Aloys Aloysia Aloysius Alpaida
Alpais Alphonsa Alphonse Alphonza Alphosina
Alphosine Alston Alvan Alvera Alverna
Alvernia Alvin Alvina Alvinia Alvira
Alvyn Alwin Alwyn Alyce Alys
Alyssa Alyssa Amal Amal Amalberga
Amalfrida Amalia Amalia Amalie Amalija
Amand Ambert Amelia Amelie Amery
Amialiona Amoldina Amoldine Amory Ancil
Anno Anno Ansel Anselm Anselma
Anselme Ansgard Ansila Anzel Ara
Arabella Arabella Arbogast Archibald Ardith
Areagne Aria Aria Arik Arilda
Arilde Arius Armando Armilda Armilde
Armin Armon Arnold Arvin Asceline
Asselin Astred Astrid Astrid Asvoria
Auberta Aubirge Aubrey Aubrian Audfis
Audofleda Audrey Audrey Audrey Audrey
Audrisa Augustine Avery Axel Aylwin
Aylwyn Baldwin Baran Barin Baron
Barrett Barron Basina Bathild Bathilda
Bathilde Baylor Begga Belden Belinda
Bera Berdine Berdine Berenga Berkeley
Bernadine Bernard Bernardina Bernardina Beronika
Berrma Bert Berta Bertha Bertha
Berthold Bertild Bertilda Bertilde Bertille
Bertine Bertrada Bertrand Bessa Bessi
Beverly Bevis Blenda Bliss Bob
Booker Booth Bovo Boyce Bradley
Braga Brandon Brantley Braxton Brend
Brenda Brice Brooke Brooke Bruna
Brunhild Brunhilda Brunhilde Bruno Bruno
Bud Burga Burgha Burke Burleigh
Burley Byron Canute Capri Carla
Carla Carly Carly Cavell Cedra
Chalmers Chapman Charles Chelsea Chelsea
Chelsea Clay Claybourne Clayton Clifford
Clinton Clive Clothild Clotild Clotilda
Clotilde Clover Clovia Clovis Colbert
Conrad Cordell Cort Crocus Crosby
Cyr Dagmar Dagmar Dagna Dale
Dalton Damon Damon Darlene Darlene
Dawn Dawn Delwin Delwyn Derek
Desericka Desmond Dick Dickson Dietrich
Dietz Dirk Dixon Dodo Dodo
Drew Drogo Duda Dustin Eadgithu
Eamon Earl Eberta Eda Edburga
Edelina Edeline Edgar Edgina Edica
Edith Edith Editta Edlyn Edolia
Edolie Edra Edrea Edwige Edwin
Edwina Edyta Edyte Egan Eimile
Elbert Elberta Elda Elda Elde
Eldora Eldred Eldridge Elfreda Elfrida
Elga Elke Ella Ellary Ellery
Ellinne Elma Elmar Elmer Elmina
Elmine Elmo Eloise Eloise Elsa
Elsa Elsie Elva Elwin Ema
Emelie Emelie Emelin Emelina Emeline
Emery Emesta Emestine Emil Emile
Emilia Emilia Emilianne Emilie Emilienne
Emiline Emily Emily Emlyn Emma
Emma Emme Emory Emory Engel
Engelberga Enrica Enrika Enrique Enriqueta
Enzo Ereleuva Erelieva Erica Erika
Erika Erlina Erline Erma Ermelinda
Ermelinde Ermengard Erna Ernestina Ernestine
Ernst Erwin Estra Ethel Ethelda
Ethelde Ethelind Ethelinda Ethelinde Etta
Fanchon Fanka Fannie Fanny Fanny
Fara Farica Farika Faro Fastrada
Faxon Federico Fedya Felcane Felda
Ferda Fereng Ferika Ferike Fernand
Fernanda Fernanda Fernande Feva Fitzgerald
Fleda Flede Fleming Fleta Fletcher
Flita Folke Foster Fotina Foy
Fran France Frances Frances Frances
Francesca Francesco Franchot Franci Franci
Francine Francique Francis Francisca Franco
Francois Francoise Frank Franklin Franny
Franny Fransje Franta Frantisek Frantiska
Franze Franziska Fred Freda Freddy
Frederic Frederica Frederick Fredericka Fredi
Fredrick Fredrik Fredrika Fredrika Freeman


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