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The following are testimonials from people who have benefitted from a Name Report and a Balanced Name Recommendation from the Kabalarian Philosophy. For specific in-depth testimonials on a Balanced Name, click here

How A Balanced Name Changed My Life

It's unbeliveable! I received a complete describtion of me and the challenges I find myself facing in life!


Thank you for being out there! More over thank you for being in your Truth. Especially in these recession times to receive a report that has no strings attached! I run a non profit org in SA and am most grateful.

Charmaine McGinley

I can only say that this was AMAZING!

Deemay Greaves

"When changing my name to a balance name I felt a real freedom within myself. I became more expressive and happier with myself and with life in general. I became more confident. I used my new name for about 2 years before changing it legally. I have always remembered vividly that the day my papers where actually stamped in Victoria, making the name change legal I felt a specific lightness. I knew that the name change had gone through, and I immediately felt free from the restrictions of the old name. Later when I received the confirmation in the mail, the date I felt the change I am describing here was the very day it became legally effective. This has always demonstrated to me the very important link in changing ones name legally and having it exert its maximum influence in ones life. I have now had a balanced name for 31yrs and can confirm that it adds so much to having a happy and balanced life."

K. M. Vancouver

... I felt there was "something to this Kabalarian thing" anyway, so I ordered the full report and did some work toward finding a balanced name to change to. This branch of human knowledge is quite striking in its accuracy. There is an old Latin saying "Nomen est Omen" (freely translated:The name says it all), but this Name Report confirms this truism and thus confirms strenghts, weaknesses and other personality traits in a fascinating way. A valuable tool to be considered by anybody wishing to increase self-awareness or self-empowerment to a happier, more successful Life Path. An important pointer also to parents of young children OR for parents-to-be, who wish to ensure a brighter future for their children - starting with selecting Life Purpose harmonising names.

CMW, New Zealand.

"I found my Name Report to be highly accurate.

Before I took that step, out of curiousity (and, I suppose, an attempt to validate all this before spending money on a name report) I tried it out on several of my friends and family. I found a very high accuracy rate with the brief descriptions (say 90% or so). In a few cases, I asked the individual whose name I was using as my testing ground how they felt about the description. Most found it fairly accurate (probably 65 -75% or thereabouts). Several poeple said things like "oh, yeah, that's me except for this part". Typically, "this part" was something I did, in fact, ascribe to them as being at least partially true, and I felt the objection was one based on just not liking how it was phrased; rejecting it out of some form of denial.

In studying my own family, in particular (having gone back 4 generations), I found some really stunning evidence that, at least circumstantially, supports KP. I am not a huge believer in coincidences...and I saw distinct patterns that were certainly enough to raise eyebrows in even the most skeptical individuals with whom I shared this data.

I know this comes off like a testimonial - but ok. Take it that way, if you want to. But what I am really saying here is that there is an astounding layer beneath all this, and if it interests you and you feel compelled to discover more about it, go for it. If not, then find a different path to explore."

S.C, Rogue River, Oregon

"I changed my name 20 years ago during my first year of university. Though still fairly young, I recognized the strengths and short comings from my original name as described in my Name report from the Kabalarian Philosophy.

The key limitation that struck me was how I would work very hard to achieve a goal, but someone else would get the credit. Having seen that happen already a few times during high school, I didn't want the rest of my life to go the same way. So I studied the first course (Life Analysis) and then changed my name. At first it felt a bit strange, like putting on a new shirt that was still a bit stiff. But within a few months, it became quite comfortable, and after about a year, I couldn't think of myself as my old name - I WAS my new name. Consequently, my confidence improved, I was more self expressive, and was respected among my fellow university students for my contributions in class and in various clubs.

Since my university days, I've continued to study the Kabalarian Philosophy and gone on to fulfill any goal I've taken on, including completing a Masters degree, completing projects for Fortune 500 companies across the Unites States, travelling in Europe, finding and marrying my soul-mate, building my dream house in Calgary, and starting a wonderful family. Overall, my change of Name and study of the Kabalarian Philosophy has grounded my emotions and given me both the strength of mind and peacefullness to truly be the master of my own life."

L. B. Calgary Alberta Canada

"I have had a balanced name since the age of 3, so I never experienced the name change as an adult. I know, however, that my balanced name has influenced my life in many positive ways. In high school, I found I just did not go through the emotional turmoil other teens did. Needless to say I was very successful in school. I have always had an ease with people and a natural, uninhibited expression. I attribute this to the balanced name and the confidence that it has given me as a person from very early years. This has allowed me to follow a career that is well suited to my nature and has lead to financial success and stability in my life. I have always had a comfort with who I am as a person and the potential I have to shape my life as I want it to be. My balanced name has given me clear thinking, the ability to be a decision maker and act on those decisions. I believe my name has created the balance and happiness that I feel fortunate to experience each and every day."

D. M. Vancouver, BC Canada

"When I received my Name Report I couldn't believe the accuracy and when I read it to my mother she said 'that is definitely you--how can they know that?'. I wanted to change my name immediately but my husband was a bit slower to make his decision. So, I adopted my new name for six months before legalising it and felt the immediate benefits. One of those benefits was stability. When I was married I gained a new quality from incorporating my husband's surname and that gave me a destiny of constant change. I had tried so many new jobs and careers in those five years, as well as moving half way across Canada. With my new name those constant changes ended and I was able to attract positions that were long lasting and satisfying. The name has allowed me to have greater confidence (something I was previously lacking) and so I was able to attract positions of responsibility and good remuneration. The change was incorporated 25 years ago and I am still benefiting and growing with my name. Taking Life Analysis Training by correspondence in Victoria those many years ago, enabled me to understand the qualities that I had previously had and the new qualities of my new name. This was an added benefit in understanding myself, my husband and my friends and family and has led to loving relationships."

J. T. Vancouver, BC Canada

"I cannot tell you enough about how the Kabalarian Philosophy has influenced my life and made me a more confident person. I've lost all fear, inhibitions, mental blocks. I am now the master of my destiny.

Since my balanced name change I do not hesitate to do what is best for me. In other words, I like me. I could not say that before. I was my own worst enemy. Although I've not reached all of my goals, I'm optimistic I will get there, as I am open and receptive to receive all good in my life. Anything negative has fallen by the wayside.

I strongly recommend Kabalarian Philosophy for anyone who is searching for harmony, peace and happiness. It is so easy to achieve these through the Kabalarian Philosophy.

Believe me, I know, for I feel the harmony, peace, and happiness in my life everyday now."

Sincerely, JC in Canada

"I am very thankful for the services offered. I feel fortunate that I was able to share my mother's story with my daughter- even though she is young, it helps her understand. She loved picking out her (balanced) name, looking at the names. I found it fascinating that she picked the same last name as me. The name I selected for myself has already affected me very positively.
The name immediately felt comfortable to me. Yes, there is a great release of tension, or something! I have an increased sense of calm.
There's no denying that! It is Great! I also have released old patterns of thinking- HA!!!My destructive and self defeating thoughts no longer hold power of me. I'm not beating myself up anymore...."

CA (on discussion forum)

"About 6 weeks ago I came across the Kabalarian Philosophy. It made a lot of sense. For the first time I had something that explained why I was the way I was. Something I had been looking for all my life. I could actually see where my state of imbalance was coming from.

Understanding the sensitivity of my names showed me the influence I was under and what my family has been under. As I continue to study the principles of the Kabalarian Philosophy I am starting to gain an understanding of other people and how they think. It has been quite an experience in just 6 short weeks!"

- G.L., California

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Name Report explains . . . everything.

I can look back at my life and clearly see how so much suffering has been related to my name (soon to be NOT my name). I am so grateful that your organization has the courage to provide a report that contains strong and precise (and even negative) information.

I was a little worried that it would be fuzzy and inconclusive. Not so! This report is a great relief to me. I have spent almost my entire life, since preteen, struggling to find my way. Studying philosophies, practicing physical and mental exercises and controls, varying my diet, trying a myriad of vitamins and herbs--and all these things, while extremely valuable, have helped only partially and temporarily.

Friends and family (and mostly, myself) are puzzled at how I could be so hard-working, so earnest, so intelligent--and yet so unfulfilled, unsuccessful, and plagued with periods of devastating depression. I could chronicle my entire life experience, and it would correlate to my name report. But I suspect this would not surprise you. I know I am perfectly sane, and I know I have great potential. It is time to allow me to be me!"

- Evyan Jengo, New Jersey

"When setting up my new business, I wanted to do everything and anything to ensure its success. So, when choosing a name, I decided to go with something that would be balanced and allow for success. This was my first time following the Kabalarian Philosophy. At the time, I really know nothing about it, but thought that it couldn’t hurt. It seemed a little “out there” and unusual that I didn’t tell anyone – not even my husband – that I would rely on something so unconventional.

But, after making the investment in using this philosophy for the naming of my business, I decided to go another step further and have my name and my children’s names analyzed (still not discussing this with my husband for fear that he would think I was being foolish). Finally, I did get up the courage to talk about this with him. I was surprised to find that he was open to learning more about this and wanted to have his name analyzed too. I’ve found that the descriptions of the names are so accurate – and I can understand now why I never really felt comfortable with both my first and last names.

We've decided to change our last name and the spelling of our first names to ones that are fully balanced. After learning more about the philosophy through the first course, I couldn’t imagine keeping the original spellings of our daughters’ names as they were not not harmonized to their inner potentials.

In my new business, and in our personal lives, I feel a sense of security following the usage of correctly balanced names along with proper timing within our cycles. Recently, I was having difficulty obtaining a merchant account for my business because of its nature and newness. In fact, the broker who was assisting me thought that no bank would give me one. I have to say that I wasn’t worried and knew that because I was following the philosophy that it would eventually come through. A few days ago, the broker called me to congratulate me on my new account. He was shocked – but I wasn’t.

Also, we’ve been telling friends and family of our name changes. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that everyone is accepting it without any big questions. It’s been no big deal and most people think its great. And, we didn’t have to give any big explanations as to why we’re doing this. I was expecting people to really challenge us. But, that’s not how it is. We’ve made the firm decision to do this and have started using the new names to a small degree already. The hardest part is going through the legal process."

- Karonne Mazier

"Thank you for your analysis of my name. The information hit the nail on the head quite well."

. - J.B. Australia

"I wanted to tell you how my life has improved since my name change in August 2000. Keep in mind that all my life I have been poor. When I was growing up, I was a member of one of those poor families the church brought food baskets to at Christmas time. As an adult, I always just made ends meet with never any left over. If I ever had any money left over, an emergency would come up and eat up any money in reserve. So the changes in the financial arena have been astounding. This is what has happened:

1) Within 2 months of the name change, I was unexpectedly able to buy BOTH of my daughters brand new 2001 Toyota Corolla s. They were both driving junker cars and I thought I d never be able to give them anything better, then suddenly I received a huge pay increase sufficient to afford 2 more car payments.

2) Within 3 years of buying the 2 Corolla s I was able to pay them both off, again made possible by a huge bonus.

3) As a result of a Christmas bonus, within 2 years I was able to pay off a used Lexus I had bought which had 3 more years left on the loan.

4) My career has moved along nicely and I am more than ever considered a vital part of the management team. My value has been recognized at a deeper level and generously rewarded. I am now told that the owner wouldn t want to run the business without me, even though he certainly could.

5) Until recently, I was responsible for bringing in business for the company I work for. In the last year in particular the company has experienced a steady growth with high-return opportunities. I think the fact that I am able to build wealth for my boss and his company is directly related to my name change. Because my boss believes in rewarding those who help him, making my boss wealthy has the effect of making me wealthy. The company has grown now to the point that we have a new Sales Manager and I have been promoted to full General Manager, which I was doing part-time while promoting sales. In general, I am now more successful at anything I try.

6) I thought I would never be able to afford a larger home, one where my daughters and I wouldn t be tripping over each other all the time. This year, I was able to break ground on a new, custom home twice the size of my present little townhouse. I ll be moving in next March, and already have a buyer for the townhouse. I didn t even have to advertise! A neighbor who is renting across the street by chance mentioned to me that she wanted to buy a townhouse in our neighborhood. I told her mine would be up for sale soon and she said that my unit was the exact unit she wanted. (The landscaping had grabbed her attention.) So she took a tour and fell in love immediately. I told her what price I wanted and she agreed it was worth the extra money. No negotiation. Can life get any easier than that?

7) Enough about financial stuff. On the personal side, I can say that my personal life has calmed down. The relationship with my boyfriend smoothed out and we now have a very harmonious relationship. The tension-causing things were revealed to us and we were able to figure out ways to work around them and we now have peace and happiness.

8) My relationships with others have improved. I get upset less easily, think things through a little longer and I am more introspective.

9) Personally, I feel much more inner peace. My soul seems less restless, my life is more calm. Life seems somehow easier, less of a struggle. My spiritual development and understanding has soared which has also contributed to my inner peace.

That sums it up pretty well. I don t want to sound like it s all financial but that is the easiest quantitative measurement. The rest is more subjective but just as important.

You can share this with others if you wish. Changing my name was one of the best gifts I ve given myself. I have never regretted it and would recommend it to others who wish to improve their life.

Wishing you a blessed new year."

- Haley Korsggird

"After receiving my personal Name Report, I was able to understand how the qualities of my name had interfered with the natural expression of my true purpose and desires in life. I chose a new name and began using it within a few weeks.  I immediately felt more relaxed."

- Aloe Brenna, Vancouver

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