What are the Two Highest Compliments You can Receive?

The Business of Living

To be the recipient of respect and trust is perhaps one of the finest compliments one could receive from a fellow human being. The word respect means to value and to hold in highest regard. To trust means to have confidence in and reliance upon others that they will be dependable in all circumstances.

Quality of Thinking

Respect and trust are valued qualities, highly regarded, and earned through conscientious effort. One automatically receives respect and trust as qualities of honour, integrity, stability, responsibility, reliability, kindness, are exhibited and growth is made to be ethical in thought, word, and deed. Respect and trust are the natural rewards of effort to improve the quality of one's thinking.

That means taking a serious look at our attitudes. Are our thoughts coloured by self-self-aggrandizement, self-consciousness, or self-interest? Have we developed the ability to cope with problems calmly, in a reasonable manner, remaining logical under challenging situations? Can we govern our emotional reactions? Do we look for the best in others at all times, seeking the higher side, or do we find it difficult to forgive and forget or to tolerate human natures that are different from our own? Are we seeking consistently, day by day, to better our lives, or has our growth been limited by dogmatic ideas, hurts, criticism, confusion, and bitter experiences?

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches principles that offer the keys to changing and bettering one's life through an understanding of what mind is and from where our thoughts come.

Birth Date determines one's Purpose

When a baby takes its first breath of life on a particular day, month, and year, a quality of life force becomes a part of the child to create its individual living expression. The quality of this life energy is measured from the date of birth and determines the child's natural direction or purpose in life.

Where does this life force come from? It is part of the Universal Intelligence or Reason of life-an energy of intelligence that is within all things. It is the power that motivates growth from seed to fruition in all things. Most species follow the instinctive law, meaning their purposes are fulfilled naturally without conscious thought. Because humans are endowed with the ability to think and choose the course of their lives, they are a part of the conscious or mental law.

Children should be taught to understand their inner potentials and to set ideals to accomplish particular goals in harmony with the inner purpose. This is the objective of life that the energy within develops through human concept to a state of wisdom, an understanding of this broader intelligence that governs life.

At birth a child knows nothing, but as he is taught to think his mind becomes more and more intelligent, provided the emotions are disciplined. A child's mind is like a fertile garden. It is up to the parents to teach the basics of honesty, appreciation, integrity, regard for people, that true living is giving, that self-interest is nothing compared to developing qualities of thoughtfulness, consideration, that to become a wise, logical person who can be respected and trusted far supersedes living in selfish interests and satisfaction of the emotional nature.

Mind, a Powerful Energy

Yet, despite parental efforts, can we guarantee that our children will grow up to exemplify mental integrity? We have only to observe the tenor of human mind today to see how far the human species has degenerated. Today, we cannot trust the sanity and reliability of many people. The mental law is not just a simple law; mind is a powerful energy, the sum total of which determines the state of life today. It is the lack of understanding of what creates mind and intelligence that has been the basic reason for mental degeneration today. Thoughts are things!

Language is the means through which intelligence is expressed. What part of language is mostly closely associated with people but their names? By combining various letters, we are actually setting forces of intelligence in motion that will determine the course of our lives, which will determine the type of person we shall become and whether our lives will be as successful as they could be.

You may find it difficult to conceive such a concept, but if you are interested in understanding life, if not for yourself then for the children growing up in the world of today, where do our basic weaknesses usually stem from? Childhood-why do youngsters growing up in the same family environment exhibit so many different qualities? What makes them different? It is their names-that part of language that is most important to each person.

The name given to a child at birth and the amount of logic and discipline that is established by the parents will be the determining factors as to whether the child grows up and takes his place in the world as a credit to society of is engulfed in the mire of human ignorance and failure.

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches the laws that mind is governed by and the steps that one must follow to master his destiny and allow that spark of life to express the wisdom of life, which is every man's rightful heritage.

As man places a greater importance on fulfilling his natural purpose, learns to discipline the lower nature, and learns to help and love his fellow man, he automatically receives the greatest compliment, the respect, trust, and love of others.

Lorenda Bardell

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