Do You Want Something Better?

How can we create a more successful, happier, and healthier life?

It seems that we all want to improve our lives, but the question is: “How do we do it?” People keep turning to religions, new theories, and self-help techniques but the value of these theories can be seen in the limited success and happiness people achieve in their lives. Let us take a different look at this age-old question of creating a more successful, happy, and healthy life.

To Change our Life We Must Understand Our Personality—both good and bad!

To change our personalities and lives we must first learn to understand ourselves and our thinking.
Science, in working with the laws of nature, has learned how to create new substances by learning to understand the properties of all the basic substances. Have you ever stopped to think just how science has made all of its discoveries and advancements? It has been accomplished through the application of the principle of mathematics in understanding the natural laws.

Immutable and Absolutely Consistent

Consider, for instance, the Golden Gate Bridge. The building of this engineering feat across San Francisco Bay was only possible through mathematics. It was created by the logic of the engineer’s thinking in his strict adherence to the mathematical and structural laws of construction. No amount of wishing or hoping could make up for an error in his calculations or interpretation of the applicable physical laws. If he were wrong in his calculations, the natural and immutable laws that govern the relationship of structures and stresses would point out the engineer’s error by the collapsing of the bridge. This result would not show a weakness in nature but a lack of conscious understanding within the engineer's mind.

These laws of bridge building, like all the natural laws, are immutable and absolutely consistent. They cannot be altered by human desire; they can only be used if the mathematical relationship involved between the forces and elements are discovered and applied.

Create a Beautiful and Happy Life

Is not humanity also part of nature? Each of us is made up of the building blocks that make up all the forms of nature, and since there are mathematical relationships that explain and predict the workings of nature, there must also be a mathematical principle that governs each person's existence. It is through the knowledge of this basic Principle that each of us can create a beautiful and happy life in the same way that an engineer, through the use of this mathematical formula, can construct a strong and lasting bridge.

Language is the Basis of Our Being

What is the life that we experience from day to day? Fundamental to our existence are the thoughts that pass through our minds on a moment-to-moment basis. Our thoughts are made up of language; words which when linked together make up our thinking. It is only with and through language that we can think, analyze, deduce, compare, and describe life. Language is the basis of our being. Take away language from mankind and we are reduced to the level of the instinctive animals. It is the use of language which gives us conscious intelligence, which distinguishes us from the animal kingdom.

Recreate our Lives through Language

Just as science understands the mathematical sequence of elements (hydrogen, oxygen, and so forth) and the energy that expresses through each element, we must apply that same mathematical knowledge to languages, the means by which human intelligence is expressed. Languages come from mathematically arranged alphabets, where the letters are in never-changing sequences. Just like the basic elements, each letter because of its position in the alphabet, expresses particular qualities of intelligence in sequence. When letters are combined in a name, the combination of letters creates a mathematical formula that can be read to reveal personal characteristics and traits.

Another example of sequence is to consider the musical scale of notes expressed by the keys of the piano. Each key expresses a degree in sound energy and as we go up the scale, different sounds express. When the piano is played by combining notes, discord or beautiful music is the result. Languages, too, when combined in names are powerful energies that mould and make us who we are.

The Part of Language Most Closely Related to You is your Name

What has your name taken from the keyboard of intelligence through the letters A,B,C,D,E,F, created for you? How will your life develop as a result of the forces of intelligence that were attached to you? All the mental characteristics that make you, you, are determined by your name.

Thus, through naming, is created all types of human expression, both good and bad. Because of the many different combinations of letters that make up all the various names, we have a multitude of different personalities. There are people who are artistic, some are scientific, and still others are mechanically inclined, etc.

We Attract According to Our Thinking and Name

Your name creates your thinking and desires that make up your life. As challenging as this concept may be to understand, we attract into our lives according to our thinking, so one’s life experience whether happy and successful or bitter and unhappy, is the result of the names given. The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches an understanding of a basic Mathematical Principle that governs name. By understanding and applying this Principle in your life, you can change and recreate your life into one of beauty, success, and happiness.

Balanced Mind

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches how the forces of intellect can be balanced in their expression by balancing each person's name to express the quality of intelligence contained within the individual's spiritual purpose, or the purpose and reason for each person’s being.

The Mathematical Principle explains how the symbols of alphabets express the nine basic degrees of conscious expression.

A balanced mind is created by:

  • (1) a balanced name
  • (2) a healthy, vital physical body
  • (3) an environment which exemplifies balanced living conditions
  • (4) a pattern of education which:
    (a) explains the basic Principles of Life
    (b) explains the relationship of the individual to life
    (c) defines the logical pattern of living to allow the inner potential to become a reality
  • (5) a standard of mental integrity
    (a) honesty
    (b) truthfulness
    (c) kindness
    (d) love and understanding
    (e) patience
    (f) tolerance
    (g) perseverance
    (h) logic
    (i) sincerity
  • (6) an ideal of spiritual service implanted early in life and encouraged to develop through spiritual training.

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