Happiness Through Balance

Many of us live in countries that permit various freedoms and opportunities for progress despite the economic ups and downs, job and family challenges. At the same time mental tension and mental illnesses are on the rise. A recent article in a Canadian newspaper states, “Mental illness in the workplace is a huge issue hiding in plain sight, says a new report by the Conference Board of Canada released Monday.” The report broadly defined mental health issues to include: excessive stress; anxiety; depression; burnout; addictions and substance abuse; and mania, bipolar, and schizophrenia disorders, among others. The report says that in 2009-10, "78 per cent of short-term disability claims and 67 per cent of long-term disability claims in Canada were related to mental-health issues."

I am sure every one of us has experienced a level of stress and anxiety, yet has been able to “get a grip” and calm down. Where oh where is this elusive state of happiness we look for? How can we gain greater mental clarity and freedom to experience happiness today, tomorrow, and for always? Is it really possible in view of all the challenges we face on a daily basis? We are obsessed with, and consumed by choices—choosing what goods to buy, what jobs we should go after, what kinds of goals we should pursue to find happiness. Yet the only kind of happiness these choices offer is an artificial mirage of happiness that quickly vanishes.

How does the Kabalarian Philosophy answer these concerning questions? Here are just a few suggestions.

1. Balanced Name

By now, you are aware that we place great importance on a balanced name—a name harmonized to your date of birth. Why? because your date of birth reveals your core purpose in life. It is the spiritual power that came with your first breath. Your personality harmonized with a Balanced Name to that purpose will bring contentment and fulfilment; otherwise, life experiences can become onerous, frustrating, and not as successful as they could be.

2. Emotional Restraint

On every hand, we are assailed with the idea that we must learn to express our feelings without restraint in order to overcome inhibitions and be completely natural and happy. This is not true. You realize that! Look at the riots and pillaging that recently happened in Vancouver after a hockey game—unrestrained emotion! There is beautiful emotion and destructive emotion. Your name will tell you your areas of emotional strengths and weaknesses.

According to some psychologists, turmoil between people such as husband and wife, sibling to sibling, is considered a good thing; however, they do not seem to have an answer to combat the eventual contempt that arises when there is little control of speech and discussions turn into shouting hurtful matches that are often regretted. Understanding your feelings and reactions is a big step in creating harmony in home life. Having the strength of mind to handle situations with a constructive mental attitude and response and to cherish others without expecting anything in return is another big leap to personal freedom and happiness.

Emotional expressions such as temper, anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, selfishness, self-pity, impatience, and egoism represent mind expressing the lower qualities of feeling, whereas the development of generosity, patience, understanding, confidence, tolerance, tenderness, love, and compassion (to name a few) represent emotion lifted to a constructive level. This is challenging when names given to our children create strong emotional weaknesses. A balanced name allows the emotions to develop in a constructive way, provided there is parental guidance to direct and assist the growing child to find creative outlets for his or her talents.

3. Deep Breathing and Relaxation

Deep breathing and relaxation exercises taught in the Kabalarian Philosophy help to quell the rising tensions that do come from just the daily routine and the assuming of responsibilities and making decisions. Daily deep breathing is essential for a clear mind, healthy body, and happiness. Health and balance are maintained through different forms of breathing, each being related to varied forms of physical and mental development, but chiefly through the deep and rhythmic breathing that is essential to constructive progress. Remember that breath is life, so live life more abundantly with closer contact with the life power in the breath.

Try this exercise. Spend some time each day practicing deep rhythmic breathing. Sit upright in a comfortable chair and will your body to relax. Put aside the day’s activities and focus on a nature scene, for example, or anything that does not disturb the emotions. Inhale the breath gently through the nose focusing on the breath going to the back of the throat and feel it filling the lower part of the lungs as it pushes the diaphragm outward and downward. Then fill the middle part of the lungs pushing out the lower ribs, breastbone, and chest. Then fill the upper portion of the lungs forcing the upper chest outward and lifting the whole chest while completing expanding the ribs. While you retain the breath, make sure the muscles at the base of the neck and shoulders are relaxed.

Make your shoulders droop so that you do not create tension. Then gently exhale the breath. As a suggestion, inhale the breath to the count of six, hold for the count of three or six, and exhale to the count of six. Start with five minutes a day and increase the time as you are able to keep your mind and body relaxed. You may find yourself feeling a little dizzy as your body adjusts to the greater oxygenation of the blood. With putting forth effort to practice breathing, you will experience greater energy, vitality, and relaxation, which keeps the concerns of life in perspective.

4. Eating Well is Important for Happiness

The mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and balance between these three leads to good health. To understand the spiritual power that came to you with the first breath of life and to express your innate qualities can lead to joyful living and fulfilment. Constructive thought energies of happiness and contentment serve to strengthen the body and increase the potential for lifetime good health.

What we eat and drink also influences our state of health and happiness. Eating proper foods lightens the body, plus we lose those extra pounds we put on in the winter! Eating good foods lightens the mind too. No longer tired at the end of the day, we have so much more energy to spend with family and friends. The Kabalarian diet is composed mainly of vegetables, greens, and fruits, and some fish, grains, and dairy products provided we are healthy. No meat whatsoever! Sweet treats, well sometimes. It is important to look for organic foods and to avoid genetically modified foods. Drinking eight glasses of water per day is important too.

Alfred J. Parker, the founder of the Kabalarian Philosophy, gave its students the Kabalarian Cleansing Diet in the early 50s. Following this stricter diet, many people over the years have regained lost health and found renewed joy in living life free from aches and pains, allergies, sickness, and disease. Fear plays one of the greatest parts in the drama of health versus sickness. Right eating is a significant factor in being happy knowing that you can achieve freedom from ill health and disease. If you need to improve your health, order the Kabalarian Cleansing Diet book at www.kabalarians.com or call us to discuss the cleansing diet in greater detail.

Happiness—A Mental Attainment

The above discourse outlines only a few of the things we can do right now to become a happier person. Everyone desires happiness, peace, harmony, and contentment. It is elusive because it can be attained only through mental balance, self-discipline of feeling, and constructive progressive thinking. Nobody can give us happiness; it is a mental attainment achieved through effort.
The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches a basic Principle of life and mind through which you can understand why you think and feel as you do, and how you can evolve and establish self-control and thus the fulfilment of your purpose. The exhilarating quest for discovery, reaching out to find new meanings to your life is important. Your happiness depends upon growth in concept and clarity in thinking. Clarity of thinking is improved with a Balanced Name.

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