How Mind is Created

[The following first appeared in the September, 1999 issue of our free newsletter]

How mind is created as well as how to mould and change mind has long been the mystery of life. The building of mind is as practical and mathematical as the building of a house. A house design is conceived by the architect and then progressively built by the contractor. The plan is complete in every detail. The contractor starts with laying out the site, and then prepares the foundation upon which he builds the floors, walls, ceilings, and roof.

When a child is born the vehicle (body) is ready for growth. The spark of life is waiting for steps of awareness to bring it into mental form. The parents in naming a child are the architects, for the name is the blueprint of the mental pattern of expression and incorporates the stages of growth.

The brain is an organ composed of special cells which are a part of the nervous system. Each cell has a nucleus and is linked to the nucleus of the body--the spark of life. These brain cells, as are the cells in the entire body, are nourished by the higher essence of energy contained within the breath. These cells individually and collectively act as a transformer, altering energy from the form of thought impulses which have registered upon the solar plexus and the sympathetic nervous system and have been transmitted to the braincells, to a quality of energy that expresses as a conscious thought. This energy is radiated by the brain cells and forms a mental power which continues to exist as a mental field but still attached to the physical body. Thus we see the transformation of the vital pranic energy in the breath altered and expressed as a mental energy. The more one thinks and uses his mind, the greater the transformation of energy and the greater the mental power. This is the power that psychics recognize and refer to as an aura.

How Mind is Created

Mind is created by the expression of consciousness in the form of language. When a child is given a name, its physical body responds to the forces of intelligence expressed by the mind or minds which named it and refer to it by that name. The conscious energy expressed by the minds conceiving the name stimulates the child's body and brain cells into a specific pattern or vibration. This stimulation causes the child to respond consciously according to a definite pattern which can be measured through the name when the name is related to the mathematical gradations of the symbols of the alphabet.

Education and experience in the forms of teaching, environment conditions, observation, copying, and impulsive motivation bring into mental form a concept of life. Thus does a mind grow from nothing to a power of mental awareness. A unique quality of mind called analysis allows it to relate one aspect of life with another and arrive at a conclusion or a new mental perspective. This process represents the growth pattern of mental development. Mental growth is based upon analysis--using some information or knowledge already a part of one's mind to produce something new and additional in the form of mental concept. It is like wrapping string into a ball--each wrap makes the roll bigger. In mind, each experience, concept, and developed understanding adds to the mind. Just as the ball of string is one continuous line of string, so is each mind the continuous experiences and thoughts of the unfoldment of that life.

The internal source (spark of life in the solar plexus) is like the manufacturing source of the string, for it is the cause of continued daily living. But it is the pattern of intelligence formed by the name, coupled with the cyclic law of growth, that determines how the mind is developed (i.e., patient, kind, honest, sincere, etc.) or as how the string would be wound into a ball (i.e., loose, tight, even, rough, etc.)

The mind of each individual is the summation of every experience, thought, and expression of that life.

Balanced Mind

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches how the forces of intellect can be balanced in their expression by balancing each person's name to express the quality of intelligence contained within the individual's spark of life.

The Mathematical Principle explains how the symbols of alphabets express the nine basic degrees of consciousness. Vowel sounds, symbolized by certain letters, when used in names establish the awakening of the solar plexus power to consciousness and determine the plane of intelligence from which the individual draws awareness.

A balanced mind is created by:

  • (1) a balanced name
  • (2) a healthy, vital physical body
  • (3) an environment which exemplifies balanced living conditions
  • (4) a pattern of education which:
    (a) explains the basic Principles of Life
    (b) explains the relationship of the individual to life
    (c) defines the logical pattern of living to allow the inner potential to become a reality
  • (5) a standard of mental integrity
    (a) honesty
    (b) truthfulness
    (c) kindness
    (d) love and understanding
    (e) patience
    (f) tolerance
    (g) perseverance
    (h) logic
    (i) sincerity
  • (6) an ideal of spiritual service implanted early in life and encouraged to develop through spiritual training.

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