The Key to Creating Good Health

The following is an excerpt from the book "The Right Way To Health" written by Alfred J. Parker Founder, Kabalarian Philosophy, in 1960.

Health is the paramount subject of our modern age; it is the most vital thing in one's life. Reams upon reams of literature have been written upon the theory of health, and yet we are told through statistics that almost every form of sickness today is a major disease expressing either some form of cancer or a deadly virus created through the divine plan to kill the unwary or those who do not take full advantage of our modern medical scientific theories. Such is the state of affairs today despite the fact that no known guaranteed form of cure has been found for any major disease and that all forms of so-called cures are only in their experimental forms subject to radical change at a moment's notice; one only need witness the many nationally advertised magical cure-all drugs, the scientific answer to disease -- many of which have ultimately been declared dangerous to health.

Health or sickness is a recognized plane or state of mind that can be influenced or changed in various ways according to circumstances, shocks, self or outside inducement -- any condition or experience intense or exciting enough to change one's plane of thinking. No subject is discussed more than that of sickness, yet so illogically. Perhaps, it is the lack of logical thinking that is the cause of sickness and not the lowly virus. It seems strange that mind, being the motivating intelligence of being, is so completely ignored in the many and varied theories related to sickness and disease. The key to a happy, successful, and healthy life is logical thinking. It would seem that in matters of health the public is willing to accept any theory or idea that may promise relief from sickness and disease, and to contribute millions of dollars annually for quack remedies, dangerous drugs, and patent medicines by the score, all claiming cures that actually, if contained in one kind, would eliminate all other need for repetition or competition.

Without the understanding of mind, most attempts to cure sickness deal only with effect, not cause. One must first contact cause to control effect. Human mind of today is cluttered with tradition and theories that it accepts at face value without a moment's thought to provable facts or relationship to truth or health. It is generally understood that health and sickness are mysteries that cannot be reduced to facts and truth; that sickness is almost a natural phenomenon to be accepted as a part of life; that it is visited upon man as a result of his sins, the freedom from which can be found in heaven only, through death. Many must learn that any form of freedom must be inaugurated in this life through a conscious mind becoming at one with Universal Consciousness, or wisdom. While man's mind is so devoid of logic and reason, there is bound to be confusion and sickness.

A study of nature discloses that animals, birds, reptiles, etc., having absolutely no theory upon health and sickness, are one hundred per cent more healthy and happy than the whole human race. This is because they have no subconscious or conscious mind in which to become lost; they cannot become a prey of the unscrupulous. Man is not content to live according to nature's laws as do the animals; he endeavours to blame his sickness upon the natural elements such as water, draughts, changes of temperature, etc. -- anything but the truth.

Let us look at some of the simple facts of life. Science tells man that discoveries of the past prove that the lowly cold and sinus condition have always been man's lot, that never has there been a known guaranteed cure. Such a statement tends to minimize scientific responsibility for a cure today.

Drinking of Milk

Man is told of the necessity of calcium for the development of the bone structure of the human body, and milk has always been the recognized source of calcium. This is true, in a sense; that is why all species of animals breast feed their young. However, the properly balanced formula for babies is contained in the mother's milk if the mother follows a natural diet. (The milk can also become a channel for sickness through a mother's poisoned bloodstream or through an emotional outburst, in which latter case, a child has been known to die through a convulsion in a very short time.) The elements in a mother's milk are relative to her offspring and not to that of other animals; neither is the milk of animals conducive to the best of health in a young baby. If a baby is fed raw or pasteurized cow's milk, he will suffer severely through constipation and mucus in the blood affecting the glands or creating boils, skin diseases, or tuberculosis -- the latter representing the lungs loaded with mucus or pus which one attempts to relieve through coughing or clearing the throat, to no avail. Milk is also the basic cause of undulant fever. Man has always drunk milk and he has always been a victim of the common cold, tuberculosis, and sinus condition as well as mastoid, enlarged tonsils, sties on the eyelids, eczema, and so-called children's diseases -- all caused through mucus in the bloodstream -- but has never had the thought or intelligence to challenge upon its merits the accepted practice of milk drinking. A cow allows her calf to breast feed only for a short period and then discourages it, forcing it to eat grass and clover and drink water in place of milk. Today matured individuals are admonished to drink a quart of milk a day for good health. A professional singer would never think of drinking milk as a beverage. Why? Because of the mucus that would affect the bronchial organs and destroy the quality and clarity of the voice.

Notwithstanding the fact that natives in hot countries use boiled milk as an antidote for dysentry or summer complaint (which is a serious laxity of bowels) man, in his "civilized" state, pasteurizes milk through subjecting it to heat, the purpose being to kill bacteria; instead, this process creates constipation, which is the basis of most of our diseases of today. Since it is known that raw milk has a constipating effect upon the human system, sugar has been added to babies' milk formulae to offset this condition because it creates a mild form of acidosis which works upon the bowels through the bloodstream. Thus we see that added to the constipation problem is an acidosis condition. No wonder eczema, diaper-rash, and other children's complaints are so prevalent today. It has been known that too much sugar added to a baby's formula very shortly can kill through dysentry. This leaves the question open as to how a child may receive sufficient calcium for natural growth. A healthy, properly- fed mother provides calcium for her baby through breast feeding and guarantees proper function of the bowels. If you wish to disprove or substantiate this theory, go on a milk diet and watch your system become stuffed with mucus, and suffer through constipation.

To support my contention that milk is not the ideal food as is generally accepted, I quote an article in the "Vancouver Sun" newspaper of September 22, 1958, under the caption, "Infants' rashes, Sleeplessness Traced to Cow Milk Allergy," written by Dr. Walter C. Alvarez, Emeritus Consultant in Medicine, Mayo Clinic, as follows:

"At a recent meeting of the American Medical Association it was confirmed that the tremendous amount of sensitiveness to cow's milk which produces rashes, abdominal pain, crying, and sleeplessness in infants, is due in part to doctors' refusal to let a mother nurse her infant.
Dr. Herbert Ratner said there has been an increase in bottle feeding of babies after discharge from hospitals, from 62 per cent in 1947 to 79 per cent in 1957. He thinks this has caused an increase in cow's milk allergy from 930 cases to 1,185 cases per hundred thousand population.
Protection from allergy is not the only advantage of the mother nursing a baby. Breast feeding lessens the mortality from a number of conditions, including severe diarrheas and, perhaps, contagious diseases.
Years ago when I questioned with great care 500 people who I saw one after another in my office at the Mayo Clinic, I found that one in four was so sensitive to cow's milk that he or she could not drink it with comfort. About one in ten had so much discomfort from drinking cow's milk that he or she couldn't touch it at all."

It seemingly has taken centuries to discover this point.

Water-Borne Diseases?

The milk theory is only one baseless belief where food and health are concerned. Another very illogical theory that will have a long range, disastrous effect upon the human race is water pollution, through chlorination, in an attempt to lay the blame of sickness upon what are called water-borne diseases; strange to say, in such chlorinated areas, sickness does not diminish. The illogicality of the chlorination theory is borne out in a published statement to the effect that the reason natives in dark countries do not suffer polio is that their water is polluted naturally through human excretion which is allowed to flow into their streams, thus causing their bodies to build up resistance to sickness. This should completely disqualify the chlorination theory of killing bacteria for health's sake.

Then we have the recent scientific discovery that stagnant water produces algae, which is supposed to be the richest food man or nature can produce, i.e., in all food elements. Only because science could not find an economical way to dry and pack it, or because it might interfere with the profits of large food interests, was the idea or theory dropped and the publicity curtailed. This discovery negates the theory of chlorination to destroy water bacteria or the molecules that create algae after the water becomes warm and stagnant. It would appear very logical in the light of scientific discoveries that stagnant water would be the most nutritious. We can now safely dispense with chlorination which, of course, has not reduced sickness and disease. As Puck said, "What fools these mortals be!"


Another accepted theory is that man cannot be healthy without eating meat. To the average meat eater, vegetarianism is merely a fad, and individuals who indulge in this theory are weaklings who are unable to do a good day's work because they do not eat beefsteaks which are supposed to be jam-packed with protein and energy. It is strange how the masses assume foolish ideas without due consideration. There are many very definite and logical reasons for not eating the flesh of animals. In the first place, man represents the highest species in the evolutionary process of nature and he is supposed to establish his stewardship or dominion over all other things beneath him. To do this he must incorporate spiritual ideals or a proper objective for living. Man is only one step above the animal kingdom, and only as he develops his mind above the plane of mere animal desires and animal emotions can he create a happy, healthy, and complete life free from mental confusion and chaos. This cannot be done through the eating of flesh, or meat.

Man has a dual nature called the higher and lower nature, or positive and negative. The lower nature represents the physical functions and the emotions with their indulgent desires for self-satisfaction -- little else. As mind evolves through knowledge and wisdom, it rises above mere physical and emotional desires and seeks to find the reason of being: a better way of life. To do this man must learn self-discipline and must divorce himself from all animal emotions such as lust, greed, jealousy, hate, selfishness, murder, and the numerous other destructive instincts. Only by so doing can he find that "Peace of God that passeth all understanding," (Philemon 4:7) and emulate divine principles by expressing his stewardship and dominion over the whole earth.

For the religious-minded, reference is made to the following: "And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven." (Genesis 1:20) "And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat; and it was so." (Genesis 1:30) To scientific and practical minds, the following explanation should serve to clear up any misunderstanding regarding vegetarianism.

Man's body is the instrument of his mind, controlled by the mind according to its balance and sensitivity. The body is composed of what is incorporated into it through the foods man eats. We know that certain elements taken into the body can poison it; by the same token, proper foods are assimilated to create a healthy body. Thus we see that foods and other elements have definite relative effects upon the human system. On the other hand, a confused mind can also disastrously affect the physical functions. Man must seek the balance between the mind and body.

Meat is animal flesh that has within it all the instincts of the animal. Man recognizes the fact that he must even be careful how he kills animals, for it is a well-known fact the animals' fear of death may affect the flesh after death. Man's mind has risen so little above the plane of human desires and indulgences that it takes little opposition or interference to drive him down to the animal plane of mind where he desires to kill and where he entertains other destructive thoughts. It behooves him, then, to keep as far away as he can from the animal influence by not building into himself the flesh and, consequently, characteristics of the animal.

Man is told that he must have his protein, which is contained in greater quantity in beefsteak. It might be wise to ask, "Where do vegetarian animals get their protein?" And man, it stands to reason, may obtain his protein likewise: by transmuting vegetable protein into human protein, not animal protein. Another question to ask one who might doubt the vegetarian theory is, "Why does man not eat Flesh-eating animals for, accordingly they should provide a much greater protein content?" In the animal kingdom, the flesh-eating animals are the lowest in the animal scale of evolution. They are the killers: vicious, sly, and deceitful; they prowl in the darkness of night to destroy and, although quick in action, are, in most cases, lacking in stamina and endurance. Witness the king of the jungle, the lion, or the tiger, jaguar, etc., who can run at top speed for only a few hundred yards, while the deer, horse, and other vegetable-eating animals can run for miles at express speed.

People who are heavy flesh eaters exhibit temper and destructive moods more readily, and the most vicious men upon the earth are those who drink raw blood and eat raw meat; this is an established fact. It might well be noted that cancer is the major disease among all flesh-eating races of people. Eating meat causes halitosis and body odour so strong that at long distances animals can smell man's odour coming down the breeze. Indulgence of meat creates a heavy, sluggish body because it takes five times as long to digest as do vegetables. In addition, it creates uric acid, a basis for rheumatism and arthritis and other blood diseases.

To a vegetarian, the thought of eating flesh is revolting, no less than cannibalism. Besides, who wants to make of their stomach a morgue for dead animals? Man can extract protein from the many vegetables. Why get it second hand?

Fish Foods

The question naturally arises: "Is the fish not flesh?" The answer is: The fish is the kingdom furthest removed from man, and although large quantities of fish are not good due to excess mucus and blood-heating tendencies from the phosphoric content, it does not have a destructive influence upon the function and expression of man's mind as does animal flesh. Fish is not flesh in the sense that meat is, but fish should not be eaten regularly, particularly in the warm seasons, because fish contains great heating propensities from its large amount of phosphorous which might be termed liquid fire. Phosphorous heats up the bloodstream and, if eaten regularly, especially in warm climates like Tahiti, China, or the Indies, it induces skin diseases, leprosy, and social disease; the latter, because the overheated bloodstream stirs the emotions causing indulgence, a devitalized bloodstream, and finally, inflammation of the generative organs called social disease.

It would require a continuous diet of fish over a long period to create such serious conditions. One finds these conditions in warm countries where the economic state forces the average man to exist on fish and yams almost exclusively; in China, on fish and rice -- both heating to the bloodstream. In temperate climates (especially in the cold seasons) a little fish adds warmth to the blood. Fish has no relationship to malignant cancer, although much fish could cause too much mucus in the glands, thus creating glandular boils which are commonly diagnosed as cancer in the breast. Fish in moderation promotes health; it does not intensify the emotions to create the lust to fight and kill as does animal flesh.

Man today chlorinates, fluoridates, pasteurizes, and homogenizes: using baseless theories on the cause of sickness and disease, devoid of logic and reason -- an alibi for truth!


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