Never Underestimate the Power of a Surname

To many people, it seems almost incredible that a name could have anything to do with one's nature, one's experiences in life, one's degree of success or failure, and one's health, yet it is equally incredible that science has not discovered the influence of language upon the lives of all who use it.

No one need accept such a theory without proof, which is very easy to obtain by the simple method of tracing back the history of families to discover the inherited weaknesses that come through the surname and affect all who use the surname by birth or by marriage.

When one takes a medical examination for insurance, the medical history traced through the family name is considered very vital evidence.

All hereditary characteristics are carried down through each family through the surname on the male side; in most countries, the females drop the family name and accept the family name of the husband and inherit the weakness and sickness that is characteristic of the married name.

A surname that is balanced plays an important part in the development of a successful family or hereditary influence that will ensure good health, and personal and business success.

Why Does a Woman Change After Marriage?

It is true that a woman assumes new responsibilities and accepts a new life, and of course, it is natural that the new role as a married woman brings many changes. However, at the marriage ceremony she often accepts a new surname and unbeknown to her, she becomes a part of a new surname influence or energy. In some instances, it brings remarkable changes in personality and habits.

Are you one of the women whose husband says how different you are since marriage, whether it is for better or worse? Whether you can appreciate it or not, taking on the new surname will change your thinking, your personality, physical health, your experiences, and also your destiny in life (depending upon the mathematical quality of the new name).

A common complaint after marriage is that many women who have never had weight problems become plagued with overweight. Many say that the change has been created through assuming new responsibilities or changing habits. This may be true to a point; however, there is a far deeper and a far greater influence working in one’s life which is affecting the body and mind can be explained through analyzing the characteristics of a name. It may seem difficult to understand how a name can create human nature, weaknesses, and specific characteristics but to a Kabalarian student it is a very true and simple, yet profound, study.

Family Name Creates the Difference

Have you ever stopped to wonder why many families differ from each other? You will note quite a contrast in family characteristics varying from an individualistic, independent family; a happy, outgoing family; a practical and skeptical family; a restless, chaotic family; a responsible, home-loving family; a secretive, sensitive family; a well-organized, business-minded family; and then the very loving, expressive, yet possessive family of people.

There are many reasons for the variety of mental characteristics but it is directly related to the mental qualities of the parent’s thoughts, attitude, and qualities of thinking that is created by the name. Even physical weaknesses passed down through a family can be understood and corrected through knowledge of balancing one’s name.

There is a common saying, "My, he certainly is a chip off the old block." And then to the contrary you hear, “He certainly is different from the rest of the family; I’ll never understand him.” There are many reasons for varying shades of personality and differences in a family, for often each child can be as different as night and day but through analysis of the surname influence basic family characteristics can be determined.

The following illustrations are a brief explanation and example of how a surname can be measured and understood.

Smith, Knight, Tudor

These surnames create families who have a genuine love for humanity and the desire to assume responsibility for others. They are warm-hearted and sincere in manner. They will often participate actively in community affairs. People tend to seek their advice, for their judgment is sound in both business and personal matters, and they usually exemplify stability in their personal lives. However, they can assume too much responsibility and, because they take it seriously, will often bring their problems home. Thoughts will go around and around in their minds resulting in mental tension and worry. People using these names must learn to laugh at themselves, enjoy life, and not become so serious.

Being natural parents, they respect parenthood and enjoy their homes and families. They are usually a close-knit family, and can enjoy one another’s association although there could be a tendency to be overly possessive. Preferring not to take orders from others, they are happiest when in business for themselves, or when managing a business. They desire to work in some capacity that allows them to help, or direct, the efforts of others such as in the educational field or institutional work, as nurses or doctors, or helping to rehabilitate people. However, with all their good intentions they may, at times, give others the impression of being interfering. They enjoy music and the arts and could be musical themselves. They are decisive and reliable, and have a pride in completing their undertakings. Although this name offers many find qualities, worry and nervous tension are major challenges for them.

Bell, West, Snyder

The surnames of Bell, West, and Snyder create an opposite influence to that of the Smith family. People using these surnames attract positions that require constant attention to detail which limits their opportunities for success.

They are mechanically inventive and appreciate knowing the details of how things work. Thus they are scientifically inclined and enjoy tinkering with mechanical devices. They can become intensely involved in detail to the point where they can shut out socializing and spontaneous experiences. There is a restless drive expressing through the members of this family but it is frustrated by the system and monotony into which they are always being drawn. This limits their opportunities and causes severe tension. Often they are inclined to be fussy over little things, especially involving other people, yet they do not take the same view about their own shortcomings. It is very difficult for them to change as, once their minds are set, they remain firm in their decisions.

They are skeptical unless they can see the logical reason for accepting a new theory or idea. They enjoy the heavier, starchy types of food and find it difficult to discipline their appetites. This tendency coupled with the severe tension already mentioned affects their health very seriously. This problem centres in the digestive and intestinal region causing stomach trouble, severe constipation, ulcers, or growths.

Arthritis is very often found in these families. As a family they find it difficult to express their innermost feelings and create harmony in their homes; thus they show their love and appreciation through their efforts rather than through words of endearment and affection.

Why Do People Differ?

The above examples are only a few illustrations of the family name influence and its effect upon members using that surname. Here is the basic cause of one’s thinking and life pattern. Progressive changes can be made through understanding how your names are attracting specific influences in your life and then knowing the principle through which you can bring into your life the results you desire and deserve.

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Dhorea Delain

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