Name Analysis


The possessors of these names have quick, intelligent minds: imaginative, versatile, and self-confident. They are independent, original, and very positive in opinion; they hate limitations or interferences and despise monotony. They should never be thrown into too much system and detail. Being so versatile, they can adapt themselves to almost any environment and situation, and can do anything to which they set their minds and hands. As long as they find action and see progress, they are happy, but as soon as they are obstructed and forced to mark time, there is a terrific nervous reaction that builds up in the solar plexus and stomach. If this is not relieved, the tension may create intense moods of depression and, in serious circumstances, health problems affecting the head area or the stomach and digestive system could result.

They resent intrusion by others in the accomplishment of their plans. It is not easy for these people to accept evaluations and constructive criticism unless they are given with a great deal of diplomacy and courtesy. They become very indignant if their opinions or judgments are questioned. They cannot stand ridicule nor appreciate a joke of themselves. They are self-sufficient and self-reliant and work best on their own. Their intense natures generate tremendous energy that must be given an outlet in creative accomplishment and progress. They tend to do to excess the things they like to do until they lose interest. They find it challenging to relax mind or body unless they have reached the point of exhaustion.

Because they are strong in their opinions, they must be careful to avoid intolerance. They have critical and analytical minds and easily see the weaknesses in others. Being extremely analytical, they must learn to focus upon themselves and then they will become more tolerant. When irritated, they can be extremely sarcastic and candid and express unwarranted thoughts to the ones they love. They can be jealous and possessive although they would never admit it.

Being loyal in friendships, they are not easily influenced by the opinions or actions of others, and are dependable and unchangeable once they have reached their decisions and committed themselves. They respect fairness and champion those in less-fortunate circumstances, including friends and family. Honesty, keeping promises, and truthfulness mean a great deal to these people.

They love their freedom and they love change. Their sense of duty (or because they have given their word) may keep them tied down, but their frustration shows through their disposition. Make life interesting for these people. They are very impulsive and appreciate adventure. They find happiness and satisfaction in the outdoors and in varied experiences. They love physical activities such as sports. They like to explore new lines of activity and they love to travel.

They appreciate simplicity in their homes and in their attire. They are not comfortable in large groups of people and usually have a few close friends.

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