Name Analysis


These people are kind, thoughtful, and sociable. Because of their friendly and diplomatic qualities, they make friends easily. They shine as hosts, as they instinctively know how to make everyone feel relaxed and friendly. Unfortunately, people are apt to take advantage of them because they are too easygoing and hate to face issues.

They find it very difficult to make decisions. Procrastination is their worst enemy as they are inclined to be dreamy and idealistic. Out of kindness, they make promises that are impossible to keep, although they always have the best intentions.

They tend to scatter their efforts, though they are enthusiastic initially; but when it comes to handling the monotonous details, their interest wanes. This name does not offer them practicality, system, or concentration. Because they are sensitive and impressionable, they are strongly affected by others and conditions around them.

People are inclined to come to them seeking solutions to their problems and, because they are intuitive to the feelings of others, they usually give good advice. They must learn to hold confidences and guard their speech, as gossiping is inclined to be a weakness of these names. If those around you are quarreling, they would want to try to be the mediators to create understanding and settle the differences.

With quick minds, they can usually think of something to say when there is a need to offset or deflect an unpleasant situation, sometimes even stretching the truth a little when it is expedient.

They want very much for everyone to be happy and friendly. They, in turn, need support from others since they do not like to stand alone. Being affectionate, loving, and romantic, they tend to be governed more by their feelings than by reason. Their desires often override their better judgment. It is difficult to say "no" and mean it, as they do not like to hurt people's feelings.

They prefer activities such as dancing and social events. They love music, drama, and artistic creations, fashionable clothes, and refined surroundings. If given the training, they could excel in art, music, singing, or creative design.

These names cause weaknesses in the body through poor circulation or kidney and bladder problems especially where poor eating and living habits exist causing stress.

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