Name Analysis


These people are refined, idealistic, peace-loving, and quick minded. They gravitate to music, the arts, writing, and other creative fields, and with training and encouragement, they could excel. They tend to be too idealistic and too easily influenced by others. If they do not have a strong background from which to draw, they drift along and have difficulty in being confident, decisive, and progressive. They rely a great deal on the support and encouragement of others to help them progress and to find understanding and happiness. As they do not like to create or be a part of issues and confrontations, they do their best to avoid conflict with others even if it means jeopardizing what they know is right. Many times they get drawn into situations because of a difficulty in saying no and meaning it.

Although they are kind people and are very desirous of association and friendship, they are really quite shy. It is not easy for them to express their deeper thoughts as freely as they wish and, thus, others do not find it easy to get to know them well. Thus they feel lonely and left out. There is a tendency to day-dream to find solace. When things do not go well and their feelings are hurt, they become uncommunicative. They must guard against intense moods of depression and the tendency to be morose. They would give anything to be natural, fun-loving, and expressive. As they have acting and dramatic abilities, they can pretend they are someone else and can appear calm and happy outwardly, but it is not the real person beneath the facade.

They are very sensitive and intuitive, and struggle against a lack in confidence that comes with the use of these names. There are many things they are capable of accomplishing, but their fears interfere with completion of their ideas and plans. They tend to procrastinate, putting things off until forced to take action. They constantly measure themselves to others and seldom feel fulfilled. They struggle with nervousness and self-consciousness unless other qualities offset the extreme sensitivity they experience.

They are intrigued by the mysteries of life and they enjoy reading. Their imaginations allow them to live what they read in their dreams. They are romantic and thoughtful but suffer with jealousy and loneliness. When one gets to know them and draws them out with affection and encouragement, others will find a quiet, loving personalities with a depth of appreciation for nature, for people, and a great desire for peace in the world. They have a depth to their thinking which is rarely revealed.

While these names have very fine qualities, they are overshadowed by the sensitivity and the effect it has on their physical bodies. They are not robust because their inner nervous tension saps their vitality. If they do not eat well and are subjected to turbulent surroundings, they could suffer over weight, glandular disturbances, weaknesses in the fluid functions such as kidney or bladder problems, or problems in the heart, lungs, or bronchial area.

A change of name would help these people develop the confidence, ambition, assertiveness, and energetic vitality that would bring greater happiness and fulfilment that they were meant to experience in life.

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