Name Analysis


These names contribute sensitive, idealistic qualities to these people. They have a deep desire to help others, to be of service, and to add their part to peace and harmony in the world. They make friends easily because of their kind, amiable, and diplomatic qualities. Being intuitive and quick-minded, they sense the feelings of others and give them good advice. They could be drawn into social work such as in helping children. One can always appeal to them and receive a sympathetic hearing. They must learn to retain confidences because they have a tendency to want to share what they know.

A flair for the dramatic, they are often interested in acting, dancing, and in artistic and musical undertakings. They are often emotional, high-strung, and temperamental. The encouragement and strength of others helps to build their confidence, which wanes at times making it difficult to make decisions. They like to bounce ideas off others. They love deeply and can be easily and severely hurt by misunderstandings. They have a temper but as soon as they express unkindly they regret their comments and want to make amends. They do not hold grudges unless they have other qualities that contribute to an inability to forgive. Sometimes they love too deeply and suffer losses in the affections because of their possessiveness. They live for love and affection and for the security and companionship it offers.

A tendency to daydream could spoil their ability to concentrate and the initiative to get down to practical work. Children with these names need encouragement and help to get through their studies, especially in the technical subjects. They must be taught to handle issues and not just tell others what they want to hear rather than the truth of the situation. They will do anything to avoid confrontations and to keep the peace! As handling peer pressure is challenging for them, they could be drawn into questionable situations. It is difficult to say "no" and mean it. Being impressionable, they are affected greatly by their environment and associations. If they are not handled properly, they become indifferent to the advice of others.

These people cannot take pressure for too long without reactions to their nervous systems leading to nervous breakdowns. They need plenty of rest and relaxation as their energies are easily exhausted. Tensions bring out their temperamental qualities.

A change of name would strengthen their confidence and balance the over-sensitivity of their nervous systems.

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