Name Analysis


Extremely sensitive, understanding, generous, and emotional, these people dread to witness hurt feelings and sordid conditions. They go to great lengths to avoid confrontations as they have a strong desire to work with people and to create harmony in associations. They are the peacemakers and tend to be somewhat passive. They desire to meet and mix with people, to understand others, and to help them in the solution of their problems. They make friends easily and enjoy sociability and the good things of life. They must guard against revealing confidences because others tend to open up to them and tell them things they may not tell others.

Deep within, they also recognize that they need lots of encouragement and assurance in their undertakings. They do not like to stand alone unless they have other qualities that offset this trait. As a result, they are affected greatly by their environment and their associations. They tend to go into partnerships in business, or if on their own, they like to tell others of their plans so that others give them the confidence and encouragement and this helps to strengthen their own convictions. However, it can also work the other way. Others can dissuade them very easily too. They lack confidence in many ways. They must be careful of the good-time types or stronger personalities who could drag them down into not so constructive situations. Again, because of their desire for harmony, they won't stand up and say "no" and mean it and they tend to let others take advantage of them. They are the dreamers and idealists and love to be made a fuss of. They have smooth and appealing personalities—witty, friendly, tactful, and very obliging. Often they will help others and neglect their own duties.

Being extremely intuitive, they often sense and even feel through their nervous systems, the problems of others. This is where they can excel because they can offer very good advice to assist others. They must find a balance and not allow the problems of others to be too internalized and taken on as their own.

These people love music, art, and drama, and desire and appreciate luxurious surroundings. They do not like to rough it because they long for relaxation, peace, and harmony.

They tend to procrastinate, letting things slide until forced to take action. Budgeting is a challenge at times. They enjoy having the good things of life.

Through tension, health weaknesses tend to centre in the fluid functions of the body such as kidney or bladder weakness or poor circulation of the blood.

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