Name Analysis


These names incorporate an appreciation for people, a love of music and the arts, and a high regard for nature, its mysteries and beauties. People with these names have a philosophical interest in knowing the why’s and wherefore’s of life, but they tend to drift into daydreams and to find it challenging to concentrate and apply system and order in their activities. When life becomes too routine and monotonous, they look for ways to create variety.

If given the training, they could excel in music, art, or drama as they are refined and sensitive, emotional and temperamental, and can be easily and deeply moved by music, drama, and affection. They have clever imaginations and ability to express their deeper thoughts and feelings through composition and poetry. There are times when they are outgoing, and other times when they become reflective and aloof, drawing away from association with others. They can be acutely hurt by unkind comments and it is at such times that they withdraw into their own world of thought. They seldom express their deeper thoughts for fear of being ridiculed or their meaning misconstrued. When they feel understood, they tend to show their affection for others through acts of consideration.

They sense and feel much that they do not understand, and sometimes they are alarmed at some of their thoughts and visions. They wonder about their origin. As they are intuitive to the thoughts and feelings of others, they seldom experience the tranquility that comes with composed thinking and emotional control.

They desire happiness, love, and understanding. They dream of romance, but they have experienced heartache because of their idealistic qualities. Sometimes it is difficult for them to face life’s realities with its hardships, stress, and turmoil and they often find themselves combating fears of the future and the aspects of life that appear mysterious. They are sympathetic to the needs of others and generous in their aspirations to help people. They would give away their last dollar if they felt it would help someone in need.

They must fight against self-consciousness and insecurity. They have many wonderful ideas and plans but fail to initiate action because of lack of confidence.

Any health weaknesses tend to affect the bronchial organs with such ailments as colds, asthma, hay fever, or in severe cases, tuberculosis or heart troubles. They are fond of sugars, starches, and sours and, depending on how often they eat these foods, they could be subject to such conditions as eczema or arthritis.

A change of name would help these people to overcome their extreme self-consciousness and sensitivity and their fears.  They would give anything to be fun-loving and free of their limitations.

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