Name Analysis


These names give people expressive, outgoing natures. They enjoy socializing and making others happy. They do not like to be in conflict with others for very long, as they are forgiving and not inclined to hold a grudge. They will do their utmost to help others in need, despite inconvenience to themselves. Being very affectionate people, they thrive on tenderness, appreciation, and encouragement. They can be easily hurt and become despondent over unkind words or criticism, yet a word of support lifts them once again to happiness and optimism. They do not like to be unhappy, yet they do experience changing moods—optimistic one moment and in despair the next, perhaps giving way to temper and intolerance. As soon as they express their frustrations, they regret their outbursts and want to make amends.

Their desire to help people could take them into service industries in any position where others are benefiting from their actions. Being very impressionable they feel the suffering of others and experience anxiety and stress as a result.

As they do tend to scatter their efforts, they leave many projects unfinished because they become restless when confronted with monotony and boredom. It is bothersome for them to apply system, order, and discipline, as they prefer to act spontaneously. This impulsive quality has not allowed them to experience success in certain aspects of their lives that require attention to detail, but they are perfectionists when it comes to activities they enjoy. They would be happiest in any position where there is freedom of thought and action and where they can express sympathy, inspiration, and creativity. They love music, art, and drama, and could excel along these lines as they have clever, imaginative qualities.

It is important that they develop creative outlets, or otherwise their sympathetic, emotional natures could lead them into many affairs of the heart. Creative outlets help to discipline and channel thoughts and feelings into constructive pursuits. They love deeply and must guard against possessiveness and jealousy, and resultant losses in the affections.

They are fond of home and family and must be careful not to be over-indulgent with their families or to worry excessively over trifles. The monotony of housework and household chores is often left until they are forced to take action.

As this name makes them high-strung and temperamental, problems could result in nervous troubles. Indulgence in rich foods could cause an over-heated bloodstream and skin conditions.

Thought for the Day